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george melvin

  • bloody song

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Tony Touch f Ras Kass, Saafir

  • Saafir and Ras Kass Freestyle

    *send corrections directly to typist* [Saafir] Yeah, Junction Rider, ?El the Menace? Yaknowimsayin, in here wit my nigga Ras Kass Layin it down for TONY TOUCH, whatcha know This bout is out-match, you wanna rap, you just came out the snatch Put down y...

D`Angelo *

  • Dreamin` Eyes of Mine

    * we normally don`t publish R&B but for D`Angelo I`m making an exception woah woah woah yeah yeah yeah x2 When I first saw you baby I wanted to die me and those dreamin` eyes of mine started to cry then I`d dream wishin` my fantasy would soon become ...

Tony Touch f Black Star

  • Black Star Freestyle

    *send all corrections directly to typist* [Mos Def] (Talib Kweli) Ay ay ay (yo wassup) Whoooooweee! (You about to take a ride on the Black StarGalactacon) (Yo yo here we go) *together* Black Star keeps shinin wherever we rhymin Yo, we unearth the diam...

Original Broadway Cast

  • Another Day

    ROGER Who do you think you are? Barging in on me and my guitar Little girl - hey The door is that way You better go you know The fire`s out anyway Take your powder - Take your candle Your sweet whisper I just can`t handle Well tak...


  • Nagu hunt

    Ma tean et seekord on teine teema
    ja endastmхistetavalt
    ma kхike vхtta kьll ei saa

    ei lдhe lццma ma mьtsiga
    ja trakse ei pauguta
    sest nььd vхin ma ise kaotada

    ei ole vхimalik et sa mind ei nдe

Tony Touch f Rah Digga

  • Rah Digga Freestyle

    *send all corrections directly to typist* (Rah Digga) Yeah, Rah Digga! Tony Touch got collabos baby Flipmode Squad Imperial! Brick city in the house! Yeah that`s what I`m talkin` Let a bitch run her mouth! Yeah that`s what I`m talkin` For starters, I...

Tony Touch f Guru

  • Guru Freestyle

    * this was rhymed in 96, before You Know My Steez and So Wassup from which several rhymes of this freestyle were taken [Guru] Yeah, Gurizzi up in the house, Gang Starr forever (Gang Starr) New York City.

Cam`Ron f Jaheim

  • More Reasons

    (Girl Talking) Oh this is my *beep* The reason that we here. (Shut the *beep* up.) The reason that we here.

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