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Nas f Aaliyah, Timbaland

  • I Am

    [Nas] + (Timbaland) (What?) Ever been in love? (C`mon) Yeah.. are you ready? (uhh) For somethin real? (Say what?) Cause it can`t be fake This ain`t no game (C`mon) You gotta be wit me, for real (uh-huh) cause it`s real out here (uh-huh) So make up ...

Souljah Slim f Mia X

  • You Got It

    Chorus:(x4) If I really really want it Then I`ma get it Cause you got it (Starts overlapping on the 2nd line of 1st said) I want it You got it Let me get it out so nigga you drop it I can`t stop it There`s not stoppin me The fuckin war keeps fuckin wit...

Casual f Pep Love, Del

  • Fear Itself

    Verse One: Pep Love My name be Pep Love over the loop, I scoop, and do a flip alleyoup, put a dip in a hula hoop And spin her as I went in her she`s hot like diner she sounds like a tenor Then again I wouldn`t know, yo what is the subject the way that...

Michael Jackson and amp; Paul McCartney

  • Say Say Say

    [Paul] Say Say Say What you want But don`t play games With my affection Take take take What you need But don`t leave me With no direction [Michael] All alone I sit home by the phone Waiting for you, baby Through the years How can you stand to hear My ...

Silkk the Shocker f Master P, Pops

  • Got it on Lock

    [Master P] Yeah, it just done got more realer y`all Ya boy Shocker back All the real ones stand up All you haters can remain anonymous You ain`t gotta smile or clap or nothing So if you with me, let`s go [Chorus: Pops] My whole click full of thugs, we...

Brotha Lynch Hung

  • 1 Die 1

    (Chorus 2X) DIE, Like the ones before you One by one we will take you will DIE (fuck it....psychological) [verse one] Siccmade music comin up out yo seat catch the reeper night crawler creeper dig a ditch get a bitch nigga dig a di...


  • California My Way

    California California Gang affiliation, it`s a gang retaliation Case out the joint, then spray the location Cuz what they don`t know, that I refuse to disengage Conejo meditating, elaborate the phase Housing eviction, as long as my addiction Gots to s...

Special Ed

  • Ak-Shun

    [ DJ Ak-Shun cutting up ] (Action) [ VERSE 1 ] The main attraction DJ Ak-Shun for your pleasure or your leisure Try to match the scratch and you will end up in a seizure Strain upon your brain, you can`t contain the plain fact That if you tried to cut...

Big Pokey f Lil` O, Godfather

  • Duck-N-Buss

    (*talking*) Tearing it up in this motherfucker, on the real 2000, mixing it up, Chevis Camp, what [Big Pokey] H-Town is the place, and you better respect it Where G`s get dissected, my corner`s infected Teflon bullet blockers, keep chest protected Bit...

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