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Show And Ag

  • You Want It

    Peace to K. Shabazz, while I get you open like a gash Pass the nickle if you think you can last MC`s that slept got caught with the chin check Never slept cause them suckers could have been wet Now I`m here to bring use to my name...


  • Fires in Hell

    [Half-A-Mill] It ain`t right, if it ain`t rough, gettin paid`s a must We made the bucks, even the player`s hate us Is it the way we shine Gordiere gear since `89 And shorty wit diamonds from South African mines Now it`s `99, nearly 2 G, still in coogie...


  • Bila Kuingat

    Bila kuingat senyum manismu Takkan habis waktu melamun Bila kuingat canda tawamu Takkan habis waktu berangan Ingin kumiliki hari selamanya Berdua denganmu selamanya Bukan hanya angan yang kelamaan Bila kuingat janji manismu Kutung...

Show Hell-bound Blo

  • Going Nowhere Slow

    Got the mike in my hand but can I make you understand That a-hole bands have a-hole fans Bloodhound`s the name and the Gang`s to blame Like Chan n` Chin the Siamese twins it`s one in the same So fame ain`t gonna live forever Never...

The Divine Comedy

  • Birds Of Paradise Farm

    My parents knew these people who For all their faults were very nice; They owned a farm whose "Olde Worlde" charm Earned it the name of "Paradise".


  • A Little Bit Of Soul

    A little bit of soap Will wash away your lipsticks on my face. A liitle bit of soap Will never never never ever erase The pain in my heart In my eyes as I go Trough the lonely years.

Jones Spike

  • I`m In The Mood For Love

    He, he. I...I just put that in there because I...I I thought it was kind of cute, besides that, my mother is in the audience. I`m in the mood for love, simply because you`re near me. Ah, oh. Oh, Mr.

Autumn Leaves

  • Blood

    Awaiting the war of ages thoughts awake Sickness builds within our souls Piercing through the hearts of the weak Tremendous tribulation brought unto mankind Self-destruction is at hand Reaching the point of the return the battles...

Jones Tom

  • Delilah

    I saw the light on the night that I passed by her window I saw the flickering shadows of love on her blind She was my woman As she decieved me I watched and went out of my mind My, my, my, Delilah Why, why, why, Delilah I co...

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