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  • For Your Love

    (Note: The following lyrics are taken from recordings by ear
    and are probably imperfect; I`d
    __ For your love __ (Yardbirds)
    == 1: ==
    Em G A Am
    for your love
    Em G A Am
    for your love
    Em G A Am

Baby Bash f A-Wax, Richie Rich, Russell

  • Better Than I Can Tell Ya

    [Russell Lee] Yeah, Yeah I`m a spit some of this real game Some real shit Some real talk Na, na Whoa-oh, Whoa [Richie Rich] Ugh, check my watch Check my chain It`s simple and plain The Chevy wit the blew out brains As I bounce and mash Count this cash...

material issue

  • goin through your purse

    From: cc977@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mike Novak) Goin` Through Your Purse -- Material Issue From the album _Freak City Soundtrack_.


  • And... Somewhere Ive Never Travelled

    (drummond) But if you can want love You can hide All the memories inside And it wont take more than you can give Just to find a way to live And as soon as you can look around Theres a new love to be found


Carpe Tenebrum

  • Blood Dance

    And she watched and she waited. Loving a time eaten by demons and cursing the day. A sombre seed of a mirrored point, just an idea. Laughing in a kaleidoscope of blood and honey... it was all just a dream.

material issues

  • vallery loves me

    DM AM F9 C -----1---------0----------3-----------0----- ------2---------1----------1-----------1---- ---2---3---------2------2---2-------0------- --0----------2---------3-----------2-------- -----------0----------------------3----...


  • One More Night

    I-I just read your letter and
    I-I can`t tell you how I feel
    I wish I could make everything okay
    But I know, that I`m miles and miles away
    But I`ll be on my face for you
    Praying that the sun will shine again.


  • All Messed Up

    Another day wasted out of time I cant get out of this Altered state of mind Im going overboard My conscience meets decline Into reality I know this cant be fine [chorus] Cause Im all messed up Making prefect nonsense D...

mathews wendy

  • day you went away

    This song is fairly straight foward. I tabbed it coz my band do a heavey metal version of it and i couldn`t find a tab of it, so for anyone that wants it, here it is.

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