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Юля Михальчик (Фабрика звезд-3)

  • La mia anima (Моя душа)

    Ho molto peccato in parole, opere e omissioni, Molto ho fatto che non sapevo, Molto ho fatto che non volevo, Molto ho fatto che non sognavo, Ma cercavo l`amore, l`amore vero e puro, Che viva la mia anima.

Walker Brothers

  • First Love Never Dies

    All at once i miss you So long since i kissed you How i long to look into your eyes Yes i still dream about you My world is lost without you For you were my first love And first love never ever dies Whenever i feel lonely ...

Raekwon the Chef

  • 100 Rounds

    Man: Yo
    What up D? Huh?
    You bought that from Tower Records?
    What`s that, let me see that bag
    Get the fuck off, get the fuck off it
    Come here man, what the fuck I...(banging)
    Like that nigga, give me that man

Say Anything

  • Baseball, But Better

    And if i died it would be fine if i died by your side.
    If you could spare one of your nine lives we could ditch this
    coast, get in my car and drive.

Kid Capri f KRS-One

  • Do or Die

    Chorus/Intro: KRS-One (Kid Capri) Do or die *echoes* (They know, know what I mean?) Bring your clique, come on Do or die *echoes* Bring your clique, bring your clique (Do or die *echoes*) Bring your clique, bring your clique (come on) [KRS-One] Yo, y...


  • Como Fue

    Como fue,
    No se decirte como fue
    No se explicarme que pasу
    Pero de ti me enamorй

    Fue una luz
    Que iluminу todo mi ser
    Tu risa como un manantial
    Regу mi vida de inquietud


Kid Frost f King T, Kurupt

  • Outlaws

    [Kid Frost] We toss the heinas in the back, through the sun rooftop Blowin big out green, check out my gangsta tint Me and King T, with a fifth of Hennessey And the homey Kurupt about to blow shit up So roll shit up, if you got a sack of that good Have...

Orange Juice

  • Falling And Laughing

    You may think me very naive Taken as true I only see what I want to see Avoid eye contact at all costs What can I do To see your fine teeth smiling at me You might say That we should build a city of tears All I`m saying Is I`m alone and consequently ...

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