Somebody Please — текст песни (Lil` Blacky)

Yeah, we gon send this one out to all them busters out there
The muthafucking fools that straight be smoking fools
For no apparent reason know what I mean, yeah
Time to get down

[Verse 1]
My cells ringing off the hook about ten o`clock
To break me off the news my lil homie got shot
They said he got caught slipping in the hood
He caught 3 to the chest and he wasnt doing good
He lasted 8 hours till he passed on
In the waiting room at general just before dawn
I`m feeling for his baby, his sister and his mom
A son, a daddy, a soldier now gone
The homies get together and we feeling all this pain
The screaming, the crying making us go insane
An eye for an eye is all thats on my mind
And mercy is the last thing in my heart that I can find
Just thinking about God and the power and the will
But forgive me lord see now I must kill
And when I catch `em slipping the trigger I will squeeze
Bring him to his knees and yell..

Somebody please give me just a minute
To explain my misery

[Verse 2]
I`m 17 now I`m trying to leave the game
And banging ain`t the same since the taste of fame
I know that I should leave it in the hands of God
But making them fools pay is my only job
They took my homies life for all the wrong reasons
Now reasons for me is enemigas hunting season
Revenge is the only way to ease the pain
And the pain that I ease is with the bala to your brain
I lost my lil homie to the calles
And all they got coming is puro desmadre
Remembering the days when it was all good
Two lil mocosos terrorizing the hood
Flossing our bikes to cruising our rides
But now your gone homie and your killer can`t hide
They can only run but there souls I own
And in eternal flames all them bitches will roam

Somebody please give me just a minute
To explain my misery

[Verse 3]
Two weeks passed now my homies long gone
We had the last meeting and the mission is on
I get a four door g ride with balls
Beanies, brownies and cuetes for the cause
Angels riding shotgun with a Mausberg of course
And Chavo with an AK and no remorse
Roll up to the hood with the worst intentions
None of them fools is even paying attention
Kill the lights down the block just for tradition
We get out the car in the shotgun position
Flash lights blasting fools dropping and running
Hoes is screaming me and my dogg straight gunning
Extra clips in the pockets hoes in my path
I`m killing everybody there gonna feel my wrath
Fools shulda never tried to fuck with real G`s
Somebody please, somebody please

Somebody please give me just a minute
To explain my misery
Somebody please give me just a minute
To explain my misery
Somebody please

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