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A Tribe Called Quest

  • 1nce Again

    Intro: You on point phife? 1nce again tip You on point phife? 1nce again tip You on point phife? 1nce again tip Word Watch me bust they shit Ok Chorus: [tammy lucas] Ohhhh, you did it to me 1nce again my frien...

Barenaked Ladies

  • A

    A is for angry, which is what you are at me A is for adult, which is what I`ll never be A is for applesauce, my favorite meal A is for Adam, which is how I sometimes feel; Like I`m the only man on earth and I`ve forgotten what that`s worth A is for A...

Christ agony

  • Asmoondei

    Kiss the blood
    On my lips
    Kill the blood
    On my eyes
    Kill the God!
    Let the moonlight
    Bring back the existence
    Of the missing ones
    Their breath
    In black despair shall unite
    Blasphemous dr...

Del Amitri

  • Always The Last to Know

    So youre in love with someone else Someone who burns within your soul And it looks like Im the last to know I hear youve never felt so alive So much desire beyond control And as usual I am the last to know The last to know...


  • 20/20 Vision

    Well man created the cardboard box to sleep in it
    And man converted the newspaper to a blanket
    Well you have to admit that he`s come a long way
    Since swinging about in the trees
    We`re the smartest monkeys
    The smarte...


  • Doggy Style

    Committee style baby
    Uh Huh, for all the freaks
    Yeah that`s right

    (Chorus) (x2)
    [Luc Duc]
    You don`t love me you love my doggy style
    And I`m known to keep it wild like the Ok Carol
    And w...

Killing Heidi

  • A Jar Labelled Small

    There`s no inspiration Just a pale transformation in the eyes My worst enemy is hiding at my door And where did your wings go? Small place as mine Well i can`t catch her Cause she`s bitting at my ankles And her wings are g...


  • 2 Tears In A Bucket

    [Sheek] Soon as I cop the nine, I pop the nine When I take it out the box, I represent Lox Now when I flow, you hit the rewind button So I charge out more, want it all at the door Fuck heat, Sheek walk around with an oven Wh...


  • American Pie

    (Mark Slaughter, Dana Strum) Sugar, sugar, honey baby, rock `n` roll child With your lizard leather boots on you`re acting real wild I`m a silver tongued poet and I`ve got to say That you`re lookin` really groovy and I like it tha...

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