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matson tyler

  • on that night i met you

    Title: On That Night I Met You...............................................Incomplete Artist: Tyler Matson Submitted by: Tyler Matson |------3----3---3---3-3-3-3-3---------3----3?--3-3-3-3-3--------3----3?--3---3-3-3-3-3--------| |------0----0?--0--...

The Bloodhound Gang

  • Along Comes Mary

    The Bloodhound Gang Along Comes Mary The Association Tandyn Almer (Irving Music, Inc.

Carpenter Mary-Chapin

  • Come On Come On

    Some people remember the first time, some can`t forget the last Some just select what they want to from the past It`s a song you danced to in high school, it`s a moon you tried to bring down On a four in the morning drive through ...

matt and randy

  • only friends

    I`ve had a lot of requests for this from the Southeastern crowd, so here goes. Song Title: Only friends Artist: Matt and Randy (Headlights West) Tabbed by:Matthew Wilkes Note. On the Am, hammer on the 1st fret , then the 3rd fret of the b string.

mattea kathy

  • 455 Rocket

    (Gillian Welch/David Rawlings) Mr. Smith had an oldsmobile Baby blue with them wire wheels I took her home the day that she was adverstised He said she leaked when, it would rain And sounded like an aeroplane But I knew she was a ...


  • Alleine Zu Zweit

    Am Ende der Wahrheit Am Ende des Lichts Am Ende der Liebe Am Ende - da stehst Du (Im Herzen wird es leerer - ein Teil geht nun von mir) Nichts hat uberlebt Wir haben schweigend uns schon lange getrennt Und mit jedem Tag Wir Wuchs ...

The Blow Monkeys

  • Digging Your Scene

    I just got your message baby so sad to see you fade away. What in the world is this feeling to catch a breath and leave me reeling? It`ll get you in the end it`s God`s revenge.


  • Боже, какой пустяк

    Я вижу небо - в нем тишина Я поднимаюсь к небу еле дыша И вдруг понимаю: это во мне душа Странное дело, это моя душа Как нелепо жить вниз головой Когда такое небо есть надо мной И кажется, звезды можно достать рукой Я и не ведал, что этот мир такой Бо...

Her Space Holiday

  • Missed Medicine

    i figured out the key to short-term success
    just tell everyone that you`re clinically depressed.
    make a list of all the people that you`ve wronged.

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