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  • Y Diront Ben C`Qui Voudront En Ville

    Viens t`coller ma douce
    On va s`cruiser
    А soir j`me sens lousse
    Fake j`vas t`marier
    En habit d`scaphandre
    Ou dйshabillйe
    Pourvu qu`j`puisse te prendre
    Pour l`йternitй

    Deux places premiиre cl...

Knutna Nдvar

  • Rickard Dollarhjдrta

    Korstеgsriddare finns det дn
    Rickard dollarhjдrta kдnner du vдl igen
    Med sin sporrade springare i full karriдr
    Blev han dollarspelens mдstare utan besvдr

    Dollarmдstaren svor en ed
    han skulle kдmpa fцr lugn oc...

Wisin Y Yandel

  • Burn it up


    Burn it up
    Girl make it hot like the roof is on fire
    Burn it up
    Girl the way you dance you`re my one desire
    so hot you`re on fire*7

The Pursuit

  • Rent A Band

    If youre the giver of a partywhere all your friends will come youll surly need good music full of groove and full of fun you better called a band now a band which you can rent this band will play you funny and exelent songs Rent ...

The Ramones

  • 53rd And 3rd

    If you think you can, well come on man I was a Green Beret in Vietnam No more of your fairy stories `Cause I got my other worries 53rd and 3rd Standing on the street 53rd and 3rd I`m tryin` to turn a trick 53rd and 3rd You`re the...


  • Pieni Muru Hiekkaa

    Yцllд sinд kuiskaat mulle kuinka susta tuntuu,
    ettд pienistд asioista on tehty suuria ja vaikeita,
    pelkддt ettet jaksa ettet koskaan saisi lasta,
    ettд minд haluankin jotain toista,
    mutta jos kддnnдt kaiken aivan toisinpдi...

Oi Polloi

  • 23 Hours

    arrested - beaten black and blue confession - beaten out of you you didn`t do it - but you still get the cell in prison - institiutionalised hell 23 houres - banged up day and night beatings - given out left and right by the screws who want to put you ...

Me`Shell NdegГ©Ocello

  • Akel Dama (Field Of Blood)

    GE 37:31 Then they got Joseph`s robe, slaughtered a goat and dipped the robe in the blood. 32 They took the ornamented robe back to their father and said, "We found this.

Dicks And Balls

  • Dicks And Balls

    Dicks and Balls Dicks and Balls Dicks and Balls I`m Dicks and this is Balls Blubabluba bluba bluba bluba bluba bluba Blooobabloobablooba blooba blooba blooba blooba Blubabluba bluba bluba bluba bluba bluba bluba bluba blooba bloob...

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