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  • Alone Together

    No choice now, it`s too late
    Let him go, he gave up
    Don`t give up
    Lisa said Take time for me
    Dropping him down to his knees
    Oh just go

    Take me away, see I`ve got to explain
    Things they are chang...


  • 30 шоколадных конфет

    Полночь бьет, а девочек все нет. В шахматы не хочется играть. 30 штук коричневых конфет На французском столике лежат. 30 штук обманутых надежд. 30 штук невысказанных слов. 30 штук спадающих одежд. 30 неприснившихся мне слов...


  • Маленький цветок

    Маленький цветок на ветру качает. Маленький цветок мир не замечает. «Как счастливым быть?-шепчет он сквозь слёзы- Все хотят любить бархатные розы.» Маленький цветок гостем в сад не прошен. С юга на восток ветром он заброшен.

Queers, The

  • All Screwed Up

    I don`t know if you like me but it`s true I`m totally retarded for you May look like it, but I`m not sniffing glue Or having my mom tell me what to do It always seems to be one day up and one day down But I`m anticipating the day when you`ll stick arou...


  • Duas Lбgrimas

    Uma lбgrima rolou
    Do meu olho ao perceber
    Que era a ъltima vez
    Em que eu ia ver vocк

    Outra lбgrima rolou
    Dentro do meu coraзгo
    Ao ver a velocidade
    Com que as vidas vгo em vгo

    Quando e...

Trik Turner

  • Black Sheep

    Who`s the black sheep, what`s the black sheep
    Not knowin` who I am it`s DLB rippin deep
    I wasn`t in your realm but I`m in your sphere
    You still don`t know the click so just listen here
    Trik Turner on the one`s DBX on the ...

Warren G f Butch Cassidy, W.C.

  • Young Locs Slow Down

    [WC talking] [Warren G] Take notes young locs, I advise y`all to slow down Glocks, K`s, and eagles trying to put a murder down Watching fools servin` found Put your eyes on the prize, hitting switches And getting bitches with plenty riches And if you ...


  • D.E.C.E.P.T.I.O.N

    angels are crying in a picturesque quarantine this abandoned paradise is now in a cold sweet sleep welcome to this dirty land where hope is under the anxiety`s fog calmness is included in a perverse spirit mineral curse - withou...

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