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  • Give Me Back My Heart

    There was a time when things were so right Now it seems that everything is wrong And how I`d love to change it in one night But down inside I know that love is wrong The pain I felt, has hurt more than my heart The things you...

Corinne Hermes

  • Si La Vie Est Cadeau

    Nous c`etait du bleu un ciel d`ete un ocean transparent. Nous nous etions deux et l`on s`aimait a fair` arreter le temps. Mais le temps nous a trahi alors pourquoi m`avoir promis la terr`entier`.

Corky and the Juice Pigs

  • 666-6666

    And the number of the Beast shall be 666. Born in the sixth month,
    the sixth day, and the sixth hour, and anyone bearing this mark,
    shall be known as the AntiChrist

    I needed a date
    For the high...

hardin tim

  • if i were a carpenter (Stephen Mabry) Oct.22, 2001 Did not find a listing for this, so I sat down and figured it out.


  • 13 Miles

    13 miles down the road lives a young boy hes got jet black hair and blue green eyes and hes mine.

Dixon Ward

  • Another Beat Cord

    another beat cord i`l never lose that record again cause I hate it when you don`t know what it sounds like to me out of the blue, homecoming queen she dont want a hug, she wants to be me downstairs go get a stick, throw it in the ...

Sound Unlimited

  • Unity

    Here we go! Get ready for some info Ya wanna know how far my posse Can grow? Worldwide! All my brothers are colourblind Breakin` down the barriers Of culture and tribe comin` live! With solutions to the problems People ask me how?...


  • Nice And Slow

    W0-0-0 W0-0-0 W0-0-0 WO-O-O . . . I feel so good like a lover should You set my soul on fire You get me gone go on and on And see the flames grow higher. Wo-o-o wo-o-o wo-o-o wo-o-o . . .


  • 4th Of July

    Wait till your boat goes down
    That`s when you`ll need me most
    Wait till your boat goes down
    And you`re washed up on some foreign and
    Unfamiliar coast
    Yachting`s fine
    Sailing round and round in social circles

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