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Дмитрий Баулин

  • В храме ночных электричек

    Дмитрий Баулин

    В храме ночных электричек - дым и покой.

    Призраки дня проверяют билеты домой.

    Плачет луна, на окне огоньки ее слез.

    Вновь началась литургия дождя и колес.<...

Beasty Boys

  • Body Movin

    It`s raining on the beach
    She inches close but out of reach
    The waves look painted on
    Seagulls screaming
    The sea is warship grey
    It whispers ``Fool!`` then slides away
    Black coastline slumbers on

Hot Rod Circuit

  • Achy Breaky Hockey Hair

    they were wrong and so were we for giving in left to right we were strong from falling off and breaking bones lay me down partnership which defines the elements of surprise they combine accepting romance for the fun of being young.



  • Daily


    Daily, seems like i just can`t get ahead
    as soon as i get out the bed
    it`s always something going on
    to drive me crazy
    but i can`t help rackin` my brain
    this type of shit be happening Dail...

Waylon Jennings

  • (don`t Let The Sun Set On You In) Tulsa

    When I left Tulsa Jamie was an innocent young lady God only knows why she gave herself to a guy like you She called me cryin` said she was gonna have your baby You just turned your back on her like all cowards do I swore I`d get y...


  • splatterpunk

    Beaverloop-Splatterpunk i don`t know if anyone really cares about this tab but it is the first whole song i figured out. It is really simple.

De Vision

  • At Night

    It`s easy on the eye When the truth turns into lies Don`t protect yourself from shame I am not the one to blame Feel the pain they hold inside See the grief behind their pride Still their love won`t ever die And tonight it feels a...


  • Better Off Burning

    I am the rack on which my saviour bleeds and cries with nails through hands and feet those bitter tears received with greed Not to speak of the Blood to be seen in streams on his head from under a crown of thorns the sinful human...

bebo norman

  • Big Blue Sky

    I don`t have a lot to give This broken world can make it hard to live I got nothing left to say My empty words have simply gone away But this big blue sky Shows me all that I have got And you`re by my side To be everything...

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