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Vita, Irv Gotti and Ronnie Bumps

  • Here We Come

    [Intro: Irv Gotti: talking] Man who gives a fuck nigga? Who gives a fuck... MURDER... MURDER INC NIGGA! How ya love dat, how ya love dat (what is it) MURDER...

big bill broonzy

  • key to the highway

    Sender: TPLBA To: Date: Wed, 22 Jun 94 15:06:34 EDT Subject: Broonzy, Big Bill/Clapton, Eric: Key to the Highway.crd Slow Blues; 6/8 or 4/4 --------------------cut here------------------- Key to the Highway Big Bill...

Debbie Gibson and Robert Ellis Orrall

  • Teach You to Love

    They teach you to read They teach you to write They teach you to say Your prayers at night They teach you good manners And all that stuff But they don`t teach you how to love Dad taught me fishin` Baitin` the hook Mama taught me...


  • Super Fort

    Jo era una nima en pena Sempre plorant pels racons Trist, pessimista de mena Malgastant il.lusions Per ja he deixat de ser tmid He descobert la veritat Sc un home sense lmits Ara m`he desmelenat! S SUPERFORT Quan la gent em somriu...

Aztec Camera

  • All I Need is Everything

    Words and music by roddy frame Tears, just like the jewels, Adorn their corporate crown, Weigh on me worthless and i, Shake them down and leave now, And have no royal things.


  • Don`t Cha Wanna Ride

    I know you got the hummer for the summer baby
    But I got your number baby
    I got your number baby

    I was trying to protect you from yourself
    `Cause I respect you
    And I feel like you just might
    Be some one ...

Joss Whedon

  • Alive

    Every single night, the same arrangement I go out and fight the fight Still I always feel this strange estrangement Nothing here is real, nothing here is right I`ve been making shows of trading blows Just hoping no one knows That ...

Charlie Rock

  • Listen To Your Heart

    Baby, you better listen to your heart girl Baby, yeah When I first looked into your eyes I saw all the love that you had inside I gave you my heart and soul And now you say that you want to let go You better wake up and rea...

Jota Quest

  • De Volta Ao Planeta

    Msica: Marco Tulio e PJ -Letra: Marco Tulio, PJ e Rogrio L fora Todos os coraes procuram a sua rbita Novas propostas pro mundo Novos encaixes pras coisas Que ainda no esto no lugar Atento s diversidades Em busca da chacrete espaci...

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