Eighteen — текст песни (Bow Wow)

[Bow Wow - talking]
Oh, oh
Uh huh, uh huh, oh
Let`s take a pause for a minute
Let`s go (*laughing*) (I)
Check it out man
See man, Bow Weezy right here live and direct (OH I)
I`m talkin to ya`ll young n`s out there baby
Can`t wait until I turn eighteen
I know it`s the same for ya`ll man, I know, I know (I)
I`m talkin bout pullin up in them big cars on them 22`s
Naw forget that, I`m talkin `bout Charlie Woodson`s man
I`m a pull up, I`m talkin bout 24`s
It`s a wrap for ya`ll when I turn eighteen man
Haha, listen to the hook

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs
When I turn eighteen
I need to ride on some rims that`s clean
And them brand new J`s when I hit the scene
When I turn eighteen
I need a girlfriend older than me
And she gonna have to be a dime if she rollin with me
When I turn eighteen
I pull up and stop, let my system knock
They all know I`m super cool when I drop the top
When I turn eighteen
I get my crib up on my first day
And every week we celebrate like it`s my birthday
When I turn eighteen

[Verse 1 - Bow Wow]
I`m a be leanin and dippin, sittin on inches ridin
Gettin at women they lovin my every sentence
It`s Weezy baby, from the truck, to the drop, to the Coupe to the high 2`s
See that ya`ll, you gotta believe me baby
The game tight and the bank right
Since fame came and the bright lights
You gotta release me baby, I can`t be tied up
Can`t be handcuffed to no chick at the party when I ride up
Cause I gotta mingle, I know I`m great with the lingo
but check it I gotta motivate, I just gotta be single
And yeah like when I see you, yeah like how you jingle
And yeah said I`m a ring you but baby I can`t bring you
Can`t wait `til the day comes
When I wake up and I`m eighteen
Not a young pup but a big dog
And I bark loud and I switch cars
It sounds hard but it`s not ya`ll
When I get there that`s it ya`ll
Ninth day of the third month, it`s on


[Verse 2 - Bow Wow]
I`m up in that H2 with them wheels to match
Got them big dog speakers bumpin up in the back
Got that Snoop Dogg CD is what I insert
Roll down my windows, sounds like a concert
And on a beautiful day, I might just switch to the Rover
+So Fresh So Clean+ like Outkast, a PD can`t pull me over
I`m +Big Pimpin+ like Jay-Z, steady Stunnin like Baby
I Need A Girl like Free, mixed with some Halle Berry
And a little hood which is good like Trina to be my lady
Just call me Cassius Clay, baby cause I`m the greatest
And can`t nobody my age can ever ever fade this
I`m unfadeable, I`m untouchable
I`m on a mission now, I`m in transition now
B-O-double-double-O-double, ya`ll
It`s Bow Wow, I`m in the house now and I`m up outta the pound
Now listen to the hook, this how it`s goin down


[Bow Wow - talking]
YEAH! (*laughing*)
You know what I`m sayin?
I`m speakin for all the young ones my age
You know what I mean?
Bein told you can`t do this
You can`t get in here and you wanna do it
This the song right here
This the anthem for us right here, cause I`m one of them
Always told no, you can`t get in
But you know what
That`s fittin to change man
Ha, when I

[Chorus] - 2X

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