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MC Lyte f Nicci Gilbert

  • Woo Woo (Freak Out)

    Uh, yeah Uh, yeah Verse 1:MC Lyte Naughty but you like and nasty but you want it I`m the chick that never front it Picture that Me wearin a pager So you can be down my back It ain`t happin jack Am I too fine? If so I can leave Have somewhere to go Yo...

Perry Farrell

  • Admit I

    Every set has its struggle
    And every weak link gets double jinxed
    Every has a cherry at the top
    That must be house medic

    Which comes first the end or the yoke?
    Which is blessed to do or to don`t?
    If you...

Backup Plan, The

  • Hopes and Screams

    I`m giving up my hopes and dreams for other hopes and dreams, So you tell me... Am I fucked? No! I`ll be in the bars and the halls where the walls are too close and I`m feeling alive every night.



  • I Miss You

    esee, kmuzta na? sori ha!ngyon lng me ngkaroon ng tym pra mge-mail slamt sa pinadala mo n lyrics n all time favorite song ntin..miz ko n kyo ni joan,kelan ko ulit maki2ta? miz ko n ung mga kapilyahan nting tatlo..o cia d na ko ...


  • Beyond The Gates Of Infinity

    Fire of wisdom light the sky let me go no through this dark evil ground A veil of fog now covers all something is happening my heart must be strong KeeYour condition`s red, you can`t get to bed Your eyes are full of tears You`ve g...

Bar Feeders, The

  • Outhouse of Doom

    Up in Humboldt county seated on the altar, Outhouse man squats and submits his proposal right through the lid of the pyramid, He`s a major of the outhouse of doom, It`s a holy roadhouse in the heart of the Emeralrd Triangle, He talks to me offering a m...

Денис Курышев

  • Апокалипсис

    Денис Курышев

    В окне пейзаж: латает ночь дома,

    Дымит автобус, словно танк подбитый,

    Идет к завязке ежедневная война,

    И жмется день под каменные плиты.


  • А я люблю военных

    Не поверишь мне подруга Я с тех пор совсем одна Не могу найти супруга Хоть и с виду недурна Не могу найти супруга Хоть и с виду недурна А я люблю военных красивых здоровенных Ещё люблю крутых и всяких деловых А я люблю военны...

Die Kassierer

  • Älterer Herr

    Ich will Sex mit einem älteren Mann, weil ich so veranlagt bin
    Ich möchte total zum objekt degradiert werden
    Er gibt Befehle, ich pariere

    Älterer Herr, wie reifer Wein, sollst mein starker M...

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