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DJ Babu f Jurassic 5

  • Duck Season

    [Zaakir] Yo... uhh I`m never hesitant to say fuck the president Catch him at his residence with central intelligence My government be on some undercover shit They label me a threat cause I wont be a vet I detect the unusual suspect the dialectic off se...

Jenniffer Warners

  • First We Take Manhattan

    They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom For trying to change the system from within. I`m comming now I`m comming to reward them. First we take Manhattan Than we take Berlin.

Shyheim f Poppa Wu, Tekitha

  • Manchild

    [Poppa Wu] I`m a manchild born in the promised land Captain of my destiny, guidin my faith through the turbulence of life See, in order to be who you are, you`ve got to know who you are In order to get to where you want to go, you`ve got to know from ...

The Arrogant Worms

  • Big Fat Road Manager

    Every rock band has this guy Not many people really know why He`s got a cell phone and a backstage pass He`s got a big gut and a big fat ass He`s the Big, Fat Road Manager Big, Fat Road Manager Big, Fat Road Manager Big, F...

Bow Wow

  • Eighteen

    [Bow Wow - talking] Oh, oh Uh huh, uh huh, oh Let`s take a pause for a minute Let`s go (*laughing*) (I) Check it out man See man, Bow Weezy right here live and direct (OH I) I`m talkin to ya`ll young n`s out there baby Can`t wait until I turn eighteen ...

C-Murder f Fiend, Popeye

  • Betta Watch Me

    (*talking*) Wake up-wake-up-wake up Man I hit the set, and them boys be getting ghost Ya know, they spooking but it`s cool I`m bout to wake `em up [Hook - 2x] You better watch me, cause I`m doing bad Plus I`m hurting, I gotta get weed Now where them g...

DTTX f Bandit, Bizz, Point Blank

  • Sunday Morning

    [DTTX] I woke up yawnin` And it`s another Sunday mornin` Mom`s cooking on the stove And you know where I`m goin` back to the park Know we gonna stay till it get dark Homey`s cruisin they rides because they rides is sharp Hittin` switches, lookin at all...

Jens Hausmann

  • Point Of No Return

    Well, I need a peaceful place to go, Far away from all that jazz, you know. I dont wanna spend the rest of my live, Walking on the twisted edge of a knife. We cant go any further, we already reached the point of no return.

Montell Jordan f Redman

  • Anything and Everything

    Intro: Another, another, another, another, another Number one hit to get your roll on Another number one hit to get your roll on Ahh, anything I want boy Ahh, everything I need boy Ahh, anything I want boy (Montell Jordan) They say that mon...

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