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  • I Can Tell

    We try but Avalon is always beside me. And I`m falling apart, where is my home? A riot grows and his eyes open up. I once believed I would set you in line.

Black Box Recorder

  • Child psychology

    I stopped talking when I was six years old I didn`t want anything more to do with the outside world I was happy being quiet But of course they wouldn`t leave me alone My parents tried every trick in the book From speech therapists to child psychologist...

Kenny Lopggins

  • Welcome To Heartlight

    I like the love and I like the peaceful I wish everyone I know could stand in the heartlight I hold the hand I walk with the teacher We welcome the morning Singing together Can you feel the love that`s in my heart Can you see th...

Sinead O`Connor

  • A Hundred Thousand Angels

    Do you hear me calling you,
    the voice of a mother
    and a father and a child.
    Would you recognize the truth,
    do you feel the love thatґs falling
    from my eyes ?

    Take just a minute,
    come and rest yo...

Kenny Price

  • After All

    I`m burnin` the letters that I`ve kept from time to time And I waited to see if she would call I know that what she`s doing`s gonna make me lose my mind But she`s gone ahead and done it after all yes she`s gone ahead and done it a...


  • Startin` Somethin`

    You were the one I would have stayed with I would have spent a thousand days with But you were determined to Keep me from loving you [CHORUS] We could be startin somethin (startin out) I should be holdin you right now ...


  • Les divas du dancing

    Danse Va tanguer sur le parquet cire Les violons ca fait rever Les yeux dans les yeux fais les tourner et fais-toi desirer Toi qui connais si bien le coeur des femmes Tous les mots qui les enflamment Elles qui le temps d`un tango se damnent Fremissante...


  • Deceive Me

    Daylight dreams so coloured lose their way under Ego skies while sleepless I`m starting to realise the reasons leading your life [Chorus] (You) come and keep on coming just for yourself with frozen lips that are cheating my face ...

Bertine Zetlitz

  • Candy

    Candy was the kind of girl
    who thrived on rollercoasters
    and would take you home for supper in a flash

    She`d make you into something - you are not
    a little better
    when the one you used to be
    would kinda...

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