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Lil Head f Z-Ro

  • No Bullshit

    [Z-Ro] I ain`t having none of that riff-raff, so act like you know that I ain`t friendly Treat everybody I come across, like they wanna put something in me Like some lead, or if I`m moving weight they might set me up with the FEDs But to a boy done she...

Pacewon f Rah Digga, Young Zee

  • Nobody

    [Young Zee] Who fuckin wit us? nobody one more time, nobody nobody yeaaah, hah and we don`t appreciate (what the fuck?) people throwin` they little two cents in (Outsidaz) spreadin` rumors (rah digga, young zee) [Pacewon] All grace, Pace the MC with g...

Jedi Mind Tricks f Mr. Lif

  • Speech Cobras

    * send corrections to this typist [Mr. Lif] I`m the fire bearer Holder of the sun The Earth and the universe combined as one An everlasting energy taking all forms Blue skies on sunny days tell the storms The one who tears down what you adorn And cu...

Outsidaz f Pace Won

  • The Rah Rah

    {Outsidaz hum the beat for the first four bars} [Pace Won] Yo, PACE WON!! Chorus One: Pace Won Get up, get up, get up, get up! You get wet up, wet up, wet up, wet up! Don`t get set up, set up, set up, set up! You better step up, step up, step up! We...

Таня Буланова

  • 25 гвоздик

    Мы с тобой знакомы так давно, Мы знакомы так давно, И всегда с тобой мне так легко, Мне с тобою так легко. Ведь сумели мы друзьями стать, Мы с тобой друзьями стать, Ты давно об этом должен знать, Ты об этом должен знать.


  • Al final

    El mismo camino que nos ha visto crecer,
    el mismo camino que nos une y nos separa,
    el mismo que un dЎa sueУo vuelvo a recorrer,
    el mismo y los mismos, no quiero que cambie nada.

    Las mismas palabras que me unieron a...

Xzibit, Ras Kass, Saafir (Golden State W

  • 3 Card Molly

    [Ras Kass] What, yeah, yeah Black John McClane, Harold the Menace, and the Waterproof with my nigga Bud`da, on the track Golden State Warriors..


  • Detalles

    No ganas al intentar,
    en olvidarme.
    durante mucho tiempo en tu vida,
    yo voy a vivir.
    Detalles tan pequeсos de los dos son cosas muy grandes para olvidar
    y a toda hora van estar presentes ya lo veras.


Fat Joe f Remy Ma, Tony Sunshine

  • Loyalty

    * send corrections to the typist [Fat Joe] Yeah uhh....... You know what this is..... The fat gangsta!!! [Chorus] [Tony Sunshine] Maybe its the TS chain (I got em right) Maybe its that Escalade(Come get em right) Maybe its the way I do(Keep mamies li...

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