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Toto Cotugno

  • L`italiano

    Lasciatemi cantare
    con la chitarra in mano
    lasciatemi cantare
    sono un italiano

    Buongiorno Italia gli spaghetti al dente
    e un partigiano come Presidente
    con l`autoradio sempre nella mano destra

Eva Cassidy

  • Ain`t no sunshine

    You ever want something
    That you know you shouldn_t have
    The more you know you shouldn_t have it
    The more you want it
    And then one day
    You get it
    And it_s so good to you
    But it_s just like my girl

Arena Tina

  • Be A Man

    if you think I`m satisfied if you believe everything`s alright then you don`t know day from night you don`t see the tears I cry can`t you see I feel the fire I can`t deny the way you touch that desire in me oh baby, God knows you ...


  • Dance In The Smoke

    We will light it and dance in the smoke Every brand we`ll tie somebody`s worries to it We will burn it and dance in the smoke I recall it was to tall To see the flames grow high But on tiptoe The flames would grow And burn into th...

John Michael Montgomery

  • A Few Cents Short

    Looking for spare change To put gas in my car But what I`ve found Won`t get me very far Seems lately the low times Have hit me pretty hard `Cause I`m a few cents short From getting to where you are I`m a few cents short Of holdi...

Laura Smith

  • I Go There

    There`s a place that I go Not for pleasure, not for show No I just take comfort there It`s a marvellous place I forget about my face and the clothes I wear I arrive there naked as the day I was born I`m relieved at the door of dis...

Laura Turner

  • Complete

    I`m half with half a heart, and half a mind when we`re apart, when you`re here with me, I`m complete, My heart had been, so uninspired, but left a lot to be desired, when you`re here with me, I`m complete, You`re the half that m...


  • slap bass song

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Barabbas Slap Bass Song Legend (key) x- mute slap h- hammer-on p- pull of s- slap p- pluck i- index finger m- middle finger w- hold *- stop G|---------------------------------...

Юрий Устинов

  • А бабу мою зовут Весною...

    Юрий Устинов

    А бабу мою зовут Весною

    и стоит она двух десятков баб

    когда вдоль по улице со мною

    идёт неизбежная как судьба.

    А водку мою зовут водою<...

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