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South Park Mexian

  • Riddla on Tha roof

    He`s a riddla aaaaaaaa
    The muthafuckin riddla aaaaaaaa

    I receive my degree
    I got my masters in dope fiend psychiatry
    Like the weed my brain buzzin like a bee
    Flyin free I only fear sobriety

Jeremy Moss

  • Something Incomprehensible

    She cries for something incomprehensible Her words tumble down her hair like rain She screams for something that I don`t own She babbles gibberish insane And all she wants is to be held All she needs is for someone to swear ...

Kennedy Jimmy

  • Harbor Lights

    HARBOR LIGHTS I saw the harbor lights. They only told me we were parting. The same old harbor lights that once broughts you to me. I watch`d the harbor lights.


  • Kalimero

    Se sam ne vem, zakaj ti ne povem, da padel sem z neba da skupaj bi bila. Se sam ne vem, da nasedel sem ocem, ki grdo me gledajo mi osle kazejo, Tvoje novo mini krilo nate je opozorilo, tvoje seksi spodnje hlacke opazujejo tud mack...

Jeremy Spencer

  • Cool Breeze

    Written by michael fogarty and jeremy spencer. Theres a cool breeze in the air Why should we be afraid to love Warm, warm fires are here As the breeze kindles the fire Hold me near.


  • Call From The Grave

    [Bathory cover] God of Heaven, hear my cries Of anguish, I`m in pain I`m suffering a thousand deaths But I live on in vain Death would greet with eternal sleep My soul would come to peace My life has ceased, the time has come Ca...

Ely Joe

  • all just to get to you

    Date: 10/24/96; 10:36:00 AM From: Krall, Steve Subject: Joe Ely: All Just to Get To You All Just To Get To You Music and Lyrics by Joe Ely >From the Album, Letter To Laredo Transcribed by Steve Krall (steve.krall@da...

Kennedy Nigel

  • Breathing Stone

    (Nigel Kennedy/David Bottril/Doug Boyle/Caroline Lavelle) It had seemed a good idea But on reflection she had Lost her passing days in the tears Covered up and kept it to herself Take the knocks and never tell Whispers Everyone ha...


  • Helsinki Is Hell

    Yeah, motherfuckers that`s me Petri Danger Valkinnen in the year of 99 Yo, crackbitchsucker I`m damn white nigga this goes out to all my brothers and sisters: Chorus: Müntefering! This is finnish but not the end Chorus: He...

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