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Keith Urban

  • A Little Luck Of Our Own

    The cards are stacking up against us These days our luck is running low It`s hard to explain but a little bit of rain Seems to follow us wherever we go Black cat sittin` on a ladder Broken mirror on the wall We`re not a bit...

Rilo Kiley

  • About the Moon

    the moonlight won`t hide the moonlight won`t hide the moonlight won`t hide these cryin` eyes these cryin` eyes the highways are free and clear the highways are free and clear the highways are free and clear they won`t take me aw...

Joanna Pacitti

  • Watch Me Shine

    Ooh.. I`m not You average type Of girl I`m gonna show the world the strength in me That sometimes they can`t see I`m about to switch my style And soon things may get wild But I will prove I can conquer anything So from my h...

Joaquin Sabina

  • 19 Dнas Y 500 Noches

    Lo nuestro durу
    Lo que duran dos peces de hielo
    En un gьisqui on the rocks,
    En vez de fingir,
    O, estrellarme una copa de celos,
    Le dio por reнr.

    De pronto me vi,
    Como un perro de nadie,

Terminal Choice

  • Black Dressed Woman

    black dressed woman the whip in your hand burning desire you know I can`t stand your burning eyes they save my skin you got a body made of sin hit me hit me show me how to suffer hit me hit me you got me under your control pain...


  • Day Late

    Na na na ohh Na na na ohh I remember the first time I met you, We started off as friends and it came too, Fellahs between me and you. I dont know girl, do we even try.

misc showtunes

  • all the things you are

    From: Tal Hurley [TalHurley@webtv.net] Sent: Monday, January 05, 1998 5:40 AM (Title: All The Things You Are) (Music by Jerome Kern) (Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II) (1939) Fm7 Bbm7 Eb7 Abmaj7 You are the promised kiss...

Sting Mary J. Blige

  • Whenever I say your name

    Whenever I say your name, whenever I call to mind your face Whatever bread`s in my mouth, whatever the sweetest wine that I taste Whenever your memory feeds my soul, whatever got broken becomes whole Whenever I`m filled with doubts that we will be t...

Jobim Tom

  • Garota De Ipanema

    Olha que coisa mais linda Mais cheia de graa ela menina Que vem e que passa Num doce balano Caminho do mar Moa do corpo dourado Do sol de Ipanema O seu balanado mais que um poema a coisa mais linda Que eu j vi passar Ah! porque...

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