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Николай Адаменко

Hate Squad

  • B.D.D.

    You never tried to face problems in this world
    Impassable mind,
    Do you know that you`re

    Blind, dumb, deaf
    Blind, dumb, deaf
    Blind, dumb, deaf

    Shut your mouth, close your eyes, forget all that you...

Quad City Djs

  • C`mon `n Ride It (the Train)

    Woo woo... 1-Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it, woo woo Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it, woo woo Come on, ride the train, woo woo, hey Ride it, woo woo Come on, ride the train Woo woo, hey, ride it, woo woo Come on, rid...

Spandau Ballet

  • A Matter of Time

    He lays alone cries on his own For horizons hell never reach And all of those dreams are washed on the beach.

Peter Cetera

  • (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight

    Feel your breath on my shoulder And I know we couldn`t get any closer I don`t wanna act tough, I just wanna fall in love As we move into the night I get crazy Thinking how it`s gonna be with you baby I don`t wanna play rough I`ve ...

Michel`le f VK

  • I Wanna Be Loved By You

    [Michel`le] Can`t you see I, wanna be loved by you Nobody else but you (You.. yeahh!) You! All I need is is to be loved by you Cuz nobody else will do Do! Hey baby, I`m ready And you want, what I`m givin This lovin, I have for you..

Busta Rhymes f Ozzy Osbourne

Sunz of Man f 12th Disciple, Zodiac Kill

  • Valley of Death

    [Chorus 1.5x: 12th Disciple] I walk thru the Valley of Death alone And I fear no evil [Prodigal Sunn] Well I accumulate, stimulate, circulates thru the days of the insane Generating thru veins, absorbin acid rain Planets flee when I proceed, it`s orde...

Aerosmith (armageddon Soundtrack)

  • I Don`t Wanna Miss A Thing

    I could stay awake just to hear you breathing Watch you smile while you are sleeping Far away and dreaming I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment forever Well, every moment spent with you Is...

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