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All I Want

  • Offspring

    Day after day your home life`s a wreck The powers that be just Breathe down your neck You get no respect You get no relief You gotta speak up And yell out your piece So back off your rules Back off your jive Cause I`m sick of not ...


  • From The Moons Mist We Arise

    Might! Dawn is the illusion as we conquer this realm of the lies Dawn is when they find their feeble king after the battle, his realm drawn his blood Arise brothers of the night, for our blades gleam in the moonlight We are the po...

Joe Walsh

  • A Life Of Illusion

    Sometimes I can`t help the feeling that I`m Living a life of illusion And oh, why can`t we let it be And see thru the hole in this wall of confusion I just can`t help the feeling I`m Living a life of illusion Pow, right be...

All Living Fear

  • Blue Sky

    jessica, did you think i`d go and not return. you know i`d never leave you there on your own. you mean more to me now, as a friend. times were hard, things just seemed to get on top of me.

Seeking Juliet

  • Every Little Bit Of My Heart

    You have me thinking about it all of the time It`s so hard to get it out of my mind (I want so bad to be with you) When I start to dream about it, heaven becomes mine And every image of an angel reflects your beauty (I want to hol...

Big Pokey and Chris Ward f S.U.C

  • Welcome 2 Texas

    [Hook] (Welcome to Texas), where everything is bigger If them boys want war, we put one in they liver (Welcome to Texas), where we ball and parlay Fuck pretty hoes, everyday all day (Welcome to Texas), where the sun get hot Guns get hot, FBI run in ya ...

Ephel Duath

  • Ironical Communion (Amber)

    Sweet Irony, hits my tangled troubles, and frees this blade from the stranding line Cynically slides, Through dusty gemstone, To offer a soft respite to my ethereal plagues.

Антон Зацепин

  • Книжки о любви

    Она смотрела на мена
    Как на прочитанную книжку
    В ее глазах застыл вопрос
    А на губах застыл ответ
    Конечно, кто я для нее?
    Обычный питерский мальчишка
    мои глаза сказали да
    Ее глаза сказали нет



  • Company Man

    You can`t tell how thick your shell can get when you abide By a lifestyle that ain`t worthwhile But you continue what you`re doing On the hot sheet at the right time you get eaten by the hungry hand Good examples so you say is wha...

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