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  • A Drug Against War

    Television, religion, social destruction Sex and drugs, violent seduction Crystal dawn, ecstatic explosion Parental advice leads to mental erosion Stronger than never ever before KMFDM is a drug against war Line after line, rou...

Missy `Midemeanor` Elliott f Nicole, Spa

  • Gettaway

    Verse One: Close your eyes Visualize Space and I verbalize You chastize But can`t stop my enterprise Put your rhymes in a line Put your raps in a stack I`ll break you and your singer like Jinga I mean um I spit like knee On you this tight thing Space ...


  • 1 2 crush on you

    1-2 Crush On You Bass Tablature by the clash Transcribed by Sam Oglethorpe (


  • (Can`t You) Trip Like I Do

    I`ve got the understanding of a four year old
    I`ve got the piece of mind of a killer`s soul
    I`ve got the rationale of a New York cop
    I`ve got the patience of a chopping block

    I`ve got the accumen of a seasoned pro<...


  • A Bit Of Perfection

    My dream has started
    Found me light-hearted
    I`m a lucky man
    I`m a lucky man
    You`re my salvation
    I feel elation
    In your perfect world
    In your perfect world

    You respond to my call

DJ Quik f Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, AMG, 2n

  • Hi-C and El DeBarge

    Typed by: Snoop talking: Ay yo G-1 I been listening to this nigga Quik album & he ain`t got no songs about the pussy.

Kelly Rowland

  • (Love Lives In) Strange Places

    Clover walked in
    In his baggy jeans and his Prada shoes
    He had a nice shirt, nice scent, nice ice
    But he`s not the one--the one I`d choose
    He was the type I never had
    Country and thug with lots of cl...

Mase f Funkmaster Flex

  • Double Up

    [Mase] How `my complain, na? When I`m as pretty as my father? And he got 60 hoes (60 hoes?) That know each other (yeah) Yo, I`m the problem nigga`s got, but scared to step to it If a nigga really want it with me? Let`s do it See cats in the club, it`s...

Big Noyd f Prodigy

  • Episodes of a Hustla

    [Big Noyd] yea, yea, yea, I didn forget about the Queensbridge mothafuckas Roll the Mobb Deep in this mothafucka, yea, yea Mario drop the beat...yea, uh Rappin` Noyd `Bout ta destroy any man, woman, man, boy I don`t give a FUCK, word is bond...

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