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  • A Real Cool Time

    Strawberry chambermade in summertime I feel so fine Obnoxious things and all that stuff Are really out I`d like to know where you have gone Now that we all have such fun We got big beats we got big kiss It`s a bliss Feels like I`m...

The City Drive


    In this hotel Television`s on Sound is down And everybody`s gone Just you and me And I wish I could be Far away In another scene If only...

Shakira Mebarak

  • Inevitable

    Si es cuestion de confesar No se preparar cafe Y no entiendo de futbol Creo que alguna vez fui infiel Juego mal hasta el parques Y jamas uso reloj Y para ser mas franca nadie Peinsa en ti como lo hago yo Aunque te de lo mismo Si e...

CC Music Factory

  • Do You Wanna Get Funky

    C&C Music Factory - Do you Wanna get Funky? One, Two, Ready, Go One, Two, Ready, Go! Go! Go! Go! . . . Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! . . .

Юрий Устинов, Владислав Крапивин

  • А по Москве горят костры...

    Стихи Владислава Крапивина,

    Музыка Юрия Устинова


    А по Москве горят костры -

    Сжигают старый мусор.

    И дым ползет по пустырям,

    Такой ж...

batt mike

  • as long as the moon

    From: Danie Marais <9218653@firga.sun.ac.za> Subject: As long as the moon can shine (Mike Batt) Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 09:31:42 +-200 As Long as the Moon can Shine Mike Batt C F I must have known that it existed C ...

The Clarks

  • Better Off Without You

    You are sultry, dirty, soft and hard You are close to me and you`re so far And I`m thinking of the time we spent together Now I`ll bury this in my backyard Sometimes I sit and wonder But I`ll never dial your number �cause I`m h...

battiato franco

  • Alexander Platz (versione Spagnola)

    Y de golpe lleg el mes de febrero haca frio en aquella casa me repetas: Sabes que en invierno se vive bien como en primavera! S, s justo as La bedela regresaba de la escuela un poco antes para ayudarme Pareces cansado, ser que tie...

battisti lucio

  • 29 settembre | guitar pro tab и Mp3

    by Maurizio Codogno (mau@beatles.cselt.stet.it) {title: 29 settembre} {subtitle: Lucio Battisti} Se[E]duto in quel caffй io [D]non pensavo a [A]te Guar[E]davo il mondo che gi[D]rava intorno a [A]me Poi [E]d`improvviso lei sor[D]rise e an[E]cora prim...

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