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Saukrates f Common Sense

  • Play Dis (99 Sox Remix)

    CHORUS [Saukrates] Little piece of sumpin` Play <-- Saukrates Orginial rap <-- KRS-One Play <-- Saukrates Little piece of sumpin` Play <-- Saukrates Hardcore in hip-hop <-- KRS-One [Saukrates] Amazed dudes to wack crews Lay it down...


  • Imaginary Places

    [Busdriver] I`m just here to hold your hand when you die and to show you around Imaginary Places Putting many lumps on my bloody stump Edible habits so I bit the perfect circle Die in your sleep with the sky at your feet I`ll shoot you when your happy ...

Sean Price f Rustee Juxx

  • Spliff-N-Wessun

    [Sean Price] It go stop with the bullshit Playing game niggaz, hopskotch when the tool click Don`t make me pop ya Ya black eye and blue, bitch, Frank Sinatra You see SP, you`ll be thinking rasta Think it`s peace & love, but I think to drop ya Think gan...

Adam Cohen

  • Cry Ophelia

    Something went wrong You are not laughing It`s not so easy now to get your smile You gotta be stong To walk these streets And keep from falling But when you`re not, just let yourself cry You`ve been working hard Just trying to p...

Adam Green

  • Bleeding Heart

    When I wake up in the morning I smell your smell
    God knows that i`m not doing well
    You`re my Clementine, my sweet sunshine
    A sparkling diamond in your eye

    Bleeding heart, my bleeding heart
    Won`t you cut out m...


  • Danando Lambada

    Danando Lambada - Kaoma morena cintura de mola seu jeitinho me faz relaxar esquecer essa coisa faceira desse jeito no sei o que ser felizmente morena vo na lambada me faz delirar Refro danando lambada eh danando lambada la danando...


  • Dead Conversation

    Another useless statement. This conversation is dead. We sit and talk for hours. But nothing is really said. You look at me: I look at you. "Everything is fine". So concerned about maintaing our pretty facade.

cole paula

  • i dont want to wait

    Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 13:42:41 -0500 (EST) From: Philip A. Metzler Cc: Subject: CRD I Don`t Want To Wait by Paula Cole I_Don`t_Want_To_Wait - Paula Cole from the album This Fire transcribed by Phil Metz...

Square One f AG, Party Arty

  • Square Biz

    I`ve got a voice for this shit, no choice but to spit Rolls Royce to the six, eating oysters and shit GD`s in the disc-player and if you got fifty keys you`re brick-layer or get your weight up! All player-haters get your hate up, all flavored gators ni...

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