An ordinary miracle — текст песни (Plazma)

It`s the sun that`s shining
It`s the moon that`s riding
It`s the wind that`s blowing
It`s a brook that`s flowing
It`s the sky that`s calling
It`s the rain that`s falling
It`s a child that`s growing
It`s the love…
It`s an ordinary miracle

No more gloom
Let life bloom
Baby I`m feeling I`m born again
You broke the chain
I was bound
Reached out for you from the crowd
Through the noise
I could hear your attractive voice
Making me look `round and see

Hold me tight
I was blind
Baby my life was so bittersweet
You heard me pray
Baby you`ve blessed me today
In your eyes
I can see your attractive light
Just like a wonderful dream

It`s the world that`s turning
It`s the flame that`s burning

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