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G. Gina

  • Every Tim I Fall

    (1) Everytime I fall for your eyes Like the raindrops fall from the sky Everytime I hear your name In this loving game There is something in the way your eyes talk to me Just as if they seem to say (stay here with me, babe) Just a...

Survival Shake

  • Dancing In The Sunshine Of The Dark

    this is no story itґs the key of existence
    a little thing you better not forget
    I donґt know nothing bout itґs a water-resistance
    why donґt you use your head

    and survive, survive, survive
    you got to survive

Underground Kingz (UGK)

  • Feds in Town

    [Bun B] A bad day for the niggaz in my click I just got had a call from a bitch at the PA P.D. that`s on my dick It`s seems the drug situation is so tow up And poes down the fuckin T-X had to show up I got shit on the scene so 99 can`t hassle me Now, t...

devil number 7

  • just another day in la

    Generated by Fast Tab, do not erase ==================== >From : Jimbo Jones ( Artist : Devil 7 - Just Another Day In L.A.

Joan Armatrading

  • (I Love it When You) Call Me Names

    I just wanna see you at night Don`t come round my house in the day I love it when we start up a fight And I love it when the fight ends your way I love it when you call me names I can`t wait to see you again I know you`re gonna ...

Kay Adams

  • Big Big Day Tomorrow

    Gotta buy a brand new dress gotta buy new shoes Gotta get a goodnight sleep tomorrow comes the blues There`s no way I can stop them what will be will be I`ve got a big big day tomorrow my baby`s leaving me I`ve heard him tell his ...


  • threnody

    Author/Artist: Deviser Title: Threnody Album: Unspeakable Cults Transcribed by: AeNaoN Email: Standard Tuning (G,D,A,E) OK,this is a very good song that leaves you space for trying your own ideas,so don`t play the riffs as you se...

Steady Mobb`n f C-Murder

  • When Them Killaz Call

    - opening interlude: C-Murder, (Crooked Eye) {*phone rings*} Hello, hello Yo, Crook (Sup?) (What`s up nigga?) Bavgate nigga, I need ya (What`s happenin` nigga?) There`s war on my team, you heard me? Come ride wit` me nigga, these muthafuckaz playin` w...


  • Folie

    Something that you said is living in my head Grows nightly inside me And though my dream exists, memory persists To fight me, despite me Silver words you spoke, under your breath Making whirlwinds in my head there is a lig...

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