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  • (why I`ll Never Be) Clean Again

    take a look at my life do you see what I need? (you) better give me the knife (you) better leave me to bleed I hate my lies - I hate myself I hate my lies - I hate myself take a look in my eyes do you see what I see? (you) better ...

booker t and the mgs

  • green onions

    Green Onions - Booker T. And The MG`s repeat this 12 bar blues pattern throughout the song. (x4) (x2) (x2) (x2) G|---------|---------|---------|------------------|---------| D|---------|---------|---------|-------...

borgir dimmu

  • a succubus in rapture

    FTH80:G D A E ; Generated by Fast Tab, do not erase ==================== >From : Trond Jacobsen Artist : Dimmu Borgir Bass Performance: Nagash Comments: : --- Strings: E ,A ,D ,G Symbols explanations: H: hammer on P: pu...

born against

  • 1 Mount The Pavement

    Mount the pavement lick the pavement clean You say you want honesty well it`s the puppets who pull the strings no one`s got the bottom to our heads and we still gourge ourselves on the troughs of their pre-fab culture Mount the pa...

bouncing souls

  • all of this and nothing

    Band: The bouncing souls Song: All of this and nothing Album: Maniacal lugter Tabbed by: SK8BOB E-Mail: G]---------------------] D]---------------------] A]-----5>-----5>-----] E]-3>-----5>---------] G]---------------...

Hell Razah f Killah Priest, Timbo King

  • Ghetto Government (Remix)

    [Chorus 4X - Hell Razah] We form the ghetto government You either hate us or you lovin it Ghetto government for those who strugglin [Timbo King] Yo, ain`t nuttin new about the world order It`s been planned since they put George Washington on the quart...

Наталия Некрасова

  • Mарш сынов Феанора

    Наталия Некрасова

    Am E Am

    ...И вот - пришла великая пора.

    Am G C

    Уводит нас во Тьму с...

Havikk the Rhimeson of the Murder Squad

  • Ghetto Got Me Shadey

    LV: Shady...yeah Havikk: They got me sittin` back thinkin` Thinkin` about my G`s loc Rolls to their grave site Pray as I kneels low Thinkin` about the good times Why you had to die G My Moms said be strong But I`m feeling kind of lonely Yeah Mr.

Vast (Cannibal Ox)

  • Cholesterol

    Yeah, what, Vast Aire,; Shell Shock.. It`s that gravy, you know what I`m saying? This goes out to my beloved Family of Atoms (That`s my word, I love them) This goes out the Indelible MC`s - you know they STAY unmovable This goes out to Bay of Pigs Hai...

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