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Jessica Simpson

  • (Did You Ever) Love Somebody

    Did you ever love somebody,
    So much that the earth moved?
    Did you ever love somebody,
    Even though it hurt to?

    Did you ever love somebody,
    Nothing else your heart could do?
    Did you ever love somebo...

Master Rob

  • Master Rob

    Aiyyo check it out
    This Master ROB baby
    Know what i`m said baby
    Yeah, keep it real
    RDP, Word`Up, East Coast represent
    Uh, uh, yeah yeah

    Chorus: Girl Voice
    Nigga, Nigga

Del the Funky Homosapien f Pep Love, Q-T

  • Undisputed Champs

    [Del] Up front, introducing my man Pep Love [Pep Love] My introduction: It`s such an unbelievable pleasure For you to treasure; And much needed too Make it phat though on another plateau- You begining to begining to groove; I do it natural As we get J...

George Blanca Selection

  • La Paloma Plance

    Ja wir kennen in der Heimat, jeden Strauch und jeden Baum Darum zogen wir gen Sden, das war immer unser Traum Hohe Palmen, bunte Blumen, einen Strand so wei wie Schnee Ja das wollten wir erleben, und so stachen wir in See Ooh La ...

catch 22

  • 1234 1234

    You, you try, you try to get by. You`re never going to pull
    it off, You shouldn`t even try You`re a wet cigarette, You`re
    always second best, but they`re never going to give a shit about
    anybody but themselves.

DJ KaySlay f Fat Joe, Raekwon, Scarface

  • I Never Liked Ya Ass

    [Intro: Scarface] Don`t see Kay in these motherfuckin` streets dog Nigga walkin` around in this motherfucker lookin` shocked and stupid, baby We runnin` these motherfuckin` streets for real Kay Slay, holla at God damn baby Kay Slay, they don`t want me ...

George Carlin

  • Hair Poem

    I`m aware some stare at my hair. In fact, to be fair, Some really despair of my hair. But I don`t care, Cause they`re not aware, Nor are they devonaire. In fact, they`re just square.

Method Man f Ricky Watters

  • It`s in the Game

    You know I`m bout it bout it What? Huh? You know Huh? It`s like, you don`t limit yourself to one thing Your mama Got to broaden your horizons Broaden your joints Keep your eyes on the prize The struggle goes on Eryday (ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha) Er...


  • United

    (Yeah) (United we stand, divided we fall) (It ain`t just a song) (It`s a way of life) (Realize) [Daizer] They say my skin is my sin, so I`m destined for hell It`s a game I can`t win, but yet they claim this is fair Guilty since my birth, at times I fe...

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