As The Footsteps Die Out Forever — текст песни (catch 22)

she was diagnosed on a friday the kids were almost home the kids were on their
way back home from school lying face down in the gutter of unaccomplished
dreams and broken memories of things to come sorry ma`am i really am i had to
break the news i had to make the phone call to tell you that you`re due you
know where i`ll tell you when and i suggest you start living these next three
weeks the best way that you can every night for three long weeks she`d roam
the hallways half asleep and as the footsteps fade away in my mind i could
swear i could swear i heard her say: don`t wait for me i`ve got a lot to do
i`ve got a lot to be and in the end maybe i`ll see you there lost her strength
on a saturday spent the day in bed yeah i`m fine it`s just the flu she said
with a smile but when they turned their backs the tears would flow she knew
she only had a while to live... to stand on her own two weakened feet and so
i pray everyday: don`t take my mother away and in the end maybe i`ll see you
there you know i`ll see you there and in the end i`ll see you there

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