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Genius Cru

  • Boom Selection (Chorus)

    chorus: we said its time for action, BOOM BOOM BOOM SELECTION run the core the chemical reaction, BOOM BOOM BOOM SELECTION can u feel the satisfaction? BOOM BOOM BOOM SELECTION this is a genius productionnnnnn


Mexicano 777 f Flo

  • Tears of Blood

    [Chorus: Mexicano 777] Tears of blood are falling I`m feeling that I will die Someone come to rescue The souls that need the light Suffocation never comes to fill me What you call temptation Trying to convince me, That`s when I change the station And d...

nameless race

  • duplicated mind

    Duplicated Mind by Joseph McDonough and Jeremy Spence B--------------------------F Looking out at the summer rain F ---------------------------A Im just sittin here dreamin again A ------------------------E about the times I...

Scholly D

  • Original Gangster

    (1-2) (The Original Gangster) --> Just-Ice (3) (The Original Gangster) (4) (Hit it) [ CHORUS: KRS-One ] Schoolly D, Schoolly D, Schoolly D, Schoolly D Original Gangster in the house, Schoolly D Never in your life try to test Schoolly D (4x) [ VERSE...


  • 4th Chamber

    Intro: (lp version only) Choose the sword, and you will join me Choose the ball, and you join your mother... in death You dont understand my words, but you must choose *baby gurgling* So...

Method Man f Chinky

  • Tease

    [Intro: Method Man + Chinky] Uh ID It`s another one right here... I love women Know why [why nigga?]...

Sole` f Lo...

  • Our World

    [Sole`] Yo yo, yo I come cook and cut 5`6 and buff Not an ounce of fat Have you fiendin` like smack Love to hit it from the back Knew you way before I tips that First friends, then lovers, undercovers, I plush flats You copped the bezels that match Tha...

DJ WhooKid f Tony Yayo

  • Tony Yayo (G-Unit) Freestyle

    (Mind Playin Tricks On Me `94 by Scarface beat) It`s a regular day and a regular routine Til I hear this tragic news from up out these fiends Your man 50, just got popped nine times and I heard threw the great vine it`s all cause his rhymes.

MC Breed f 2Pac

  • Comin Real Again

    [2Pac yelling] guess whos back guess whos back muthafucka,big ballin ass muthafuckin breed givin you what ya need,yea,smokin a gang of weed hit them fools nigga [MC Breed] come one,come all niggas gettin the beat down retreat,peeps,fee...

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