Outro — текст песни (Genius)

* this exception is permitted due to actual rap lyrics in the outro

[la the darkman]

Yeah, killa, the gza, la

Live, yeah, what yo

My clan is like usa the way we conquer

Lay back, grow more chocolate than willy wonka

Stomp ya, till your head bleed, your mouth bleed

Runnin wit the heart of slave thats been freed

Triple darkness, wild like a killer from sparfit

Heartless, trained to hit movin targets

Profit, .357 cocked it

Killed you, leave you wit your money in your pocket

My logic, money bitches layin the lessons

Allah blesses, me wit automatic weapons

Scholastic, geographic, stay jurassic

Runnin through medina wit the glock blastin

Rotten fruit, black je-sus, I got juice

Darkman move swift as a mongoose

[timbo king]

Yo, niggas caught plaque from bitin off the platinum

Dumb mcs caught the gum disease, ask them

Who style they took, two wild rooks

Tried to take a page when Im the author of the book

At twenty-seven years young, yall some old timers

I write wit invisible ink, yall use eye liners

Define rhymers, the question and the answer

The dj and the dancers, check

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