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  • Give A Little Love

    I know one day, we`ll find a way
    And never give it up
    Through the wind and the rain
    We`ll shine again
    If we give, a little love

    Give A Little Love
    When the sun comes shining through
    We`ll know wha...


  • Bumper And Grill

    featuring N.O. Joe

    (Pimp C)
    I gotta come down, I got a bangin trunk
    So when I come through you feel the slab just bump
    Them niggas sipin syrup and them bitches on that gin
    Man hit that sweet one time for...


  • Dreamer

    I just have a dream A dream of love and passion We walk through a land A land of insinuation The sun will always shine And dream has come together We .......

Rigor Mortis

  • Bodily Dismemberment

    Welcome to my room my dear I`ll show you a good time It`s too bad that you never heard my fetish is a crime There`s no need to worry bitch, just lay there and relax And as you reach your climax I`ll be reaching for my axe!! With ...


  • 10-15 saturday night

    From uunet!mcsun!!!!!!!!!mips!mips!!!mrgreen Mon Jul 13 12:05:52 PDT 1992 Article: 659 of alt.guita...

Shakespear`s sister

  • Stay

    If this world is wearing thin And you`re thinking of escape I`ll go anywhere with you Just wrap me up in chains But if you try to go alone Don`t think I`ll understand Stay with me Stay with me In the silence of your room In the darkness of y...

Ирина Левинзон

  • Апрельская флейта

    Ирина Левинзон

    Вчера заиграла апрельская флейта –

    Серебряным голосом пела о лете.

    А нынче метель, задыхаясь от ветра,

    Как птиц заманила нас в снежные сети.


  • Can`t Forget You

    Though you may have seen me out Lost in the crowds and having fun You shouldn`t believe the masquerade Without you I`m just the lonely one Just can`t fight it Just can`t hide it I`m stil in love with you And you know that I`ve tr...

After Image

  • Habang May Buhay

    Nais kong mabuhay sa haba ng panahon Kung ito`y lilipas Na ika`y kapiling ko Ang aking buhay Ang aking buhay sa yo`y ibibigay Tangi kong panalangin Ay pagsamo mo Kailan ma`y di magmaliw Ang apoy sa puso ko Habang may bu...

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