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Mexicano777 f Evils, Tonedeff

  • El Doctor

    (Doctor speaking) Hello this is Dr. Callihan. I see Mexicano a patient of mine over here at the Ellensens Medical Facility for mental care patients. I`d like to get an interview from you. Excuse me, hey what are you doing with my, let go of my hands.

Terminator X f Andreas 13

  • The Blues

    I sing the BLUES in the hull of a ship beneath the sting of a slavemaster`s whip I sing the BLUES on a ship anchored to dock my family being sold on a slave block I sing the BLUES being torn from my first born and hung my head and cried when my w...


  • 3 Cowboyta Feat.Mдngimies & Mas

    Takan kaupungin porttola palaa,/ pankit on ryцstetty,
    korstoja makaa,/ saluuna edessд, kadulla veressд,/ ne
    ei pysty estдд mun paluuta etelдд,/

    Mд steppaan mikkii nii et kannustimet ...

Thrust f Kardinal Offishall

  • The Chosen Are Few

    [Thrust] Have you ever took the time to write a rhyme on the train Looking inspiration sparked from the brain Erased the pain, doors are closing seems you`re not going to make it Your life is yours if you want to take Now fake it, shake it bake it You ...

any trouble

  • second choice

    From: (Roy M. Randall) Subject: CRD: Second Choice - Any Trouble SECOND CHOICE Clive Gregson, 1980 G C D C G C D C You begin your education on a nursery school floor G ...

Dame Dash, Kanye West, Beanie Sigel, Ca`

  • Champions

    [DJ Clue *echoes*] Yeah... DJ Clue... Desert Storm... The Roc... This shit right here... The Roc Army... Dame Dash Presents... The Dream Team niggaz... Word...


  • my song

    this is made by my band [---------------------------------------------------] [---------------------------------------------------] [---------------------------------------------------] [---------------------------------------------------] [---------...

aparo angie

  • american

    Artist: Angie Aparo Song: The American (secret song) Album: The American Tabbed by Capo 1st F C Sonny took a train G C Mary took a boat F C Somewhere its gonna be G Am Better...


  • Jag дlskar Dig

    Jag sеg ditt mjuka hеr ligga nдra mitt
    Jag sеg ditt vackra ansikte nдra intill mitt
    Jag sеg dina fina цgon titta mjukt pе mig
    Jag kдnde din varma kropp nдra intill min

    Jag kдnde dina varma lдppar tдtt intill mina

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