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any trouble

  • second choice

    From: (Roy M. Randall) Subject: CRD: Second Choice - Any Trouble SECOND CHOICE Clive Gregson, 1980 G C D C G C D C You begin your education on a nursery school floor G ...

Dame Dash, Kanye West, Beanie Sigel, Ca`

  • Champions

    [DJ Clue *echoes*] Yeah... DJ Clue... Desert Storm... The Roc... This shit right here... The Roc Army... Dame Dash Presents... The Dream Team niggaz... Word...


  • my song

    this is made by my band [---------------------------------------------------] [---------------------------------------------------] [---------------------------------------------------] [---------------------------------------------------] [---------...

aparo angie

  • american

    Artist: Angie Aparo Song: The American (secret song) Album: The American Tabbed by Capo 1st F C Sonny took a train G C Mary took a boat F C Somewhere its gonna be G Am Better...


  • Jag дlskar Dig

    Jag sеg ditt mjuka hеr ligga nдra mitt
    Jag sеg ditt vackra ansikte nдra intill mitt
    Jag sеg dina fina цgon titta mjukt pе mig
    Jag kдnde din varma kropp nдra intill min

    Jag kдnde dina varma lдppar tдtt intill mina

Big Fat Snake

  • Female Voice

    I met you on a bus
    Going to the airport i was going on a train
    Reading a book
    Taking it easy, i had plenty of time
    I got into a conversation, with the most beautiful creation
    You turned all of the world and around.<...

DJ Quik f James DeBarge, Mausberg

  • Change Da Game

    (Quik - Talking) Wow, for real though We need something just a little bit different Ya know, it`s a whole lot goin on right now But y`all can calm down though, y`all can `Cause we `bout to change the game Can you feel that? If you really wanna change t...

Hootie And Blowfish

  • I`m Goin` Home

    Mama please dont go Wont you stay here for one more day Ive been your boy for so long now Theres so much I still have to say Sky rips open, and I hold my heart in my hand Like a soldier on his very last day Cried myself ...

Cam`Ron f Kenny Greene

  • Confessions of Fire

    Take your time young man Mama used to say don`t you rush to get old Mama used to say take it in your stride Uh, uh Killa Cam Mama used to say live your life Federica Live your life Ey yo Cam, this rap shit How you know I love games It`s like I got a h...

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