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Killer Mike

  • A.D.I.D.A.S

    Pussy nigga what you doin` [Chorus: Sleepy Brown] (All day I dream about...) (All day I dream about sex) The way you move your sexy groove I`ve got my mind all over you (All day I dream about...) (All day I dream about sex) You s...


  • Where U Are

    Yeah you know I`ve been just sitting here thinking about things,
    and, uh, I`ve just been wondering, you know, where u been, how
    u been, what u been doing, you know, I just wanna hear from you,
    nah, I wanna be where u are...<...

Dru Hill

  • 5 Steps

    I don`t know how much longer
    You`re going to be here
    So I say my prayers
    Every night
    One 4 my mother
    One 4 my father
    And one 4 the love of my life
    So if u decide to leave today
    Then leave t...

Hot Apple Pie

  • Annabelle (Arkansas Is Callin` You)

    We should leave this ol` town
    Take the highway past the riverside
    And when the dust settles down
    We`ll be rollin` cross the great divide

    Annabelle, come out of your shell
    I`ll go with you where ...

Trisha Yearwood

  • A Lover Is Forever

    I think I understand The reason you won`t stay with me You think a ring upon your hand Will solve your insecurity So go ahead and play your games If that`s what you must do Nothing here remains the same But the way I feel for you...

Big Daddy Kane f Scoob Lover and Scrap L

  • It`s a Big Daddy Thing

    Chorus: (all together) Well, here we are, United just for you. Our flat-top cuts are new Because we`re on the move. Verse 1 (Big Daddy Kane): Na-na-na now girls step up, the quick ones kept up.


  • All I Want

    I think we know what it`s about,
    what doesn`t show makes room for doubt.
    but it feels like everyone`s gone,
    everyone`s gone away.

    All I want...

The Band

  • Between Trains

    I ain`t no cowboy I just look like one And I ain`t no prisoner But I`m on the run from these chains And I`m just between trains I ain`t no loner I just work alone There ain`t no place Where there`s a home I could claim And I`m st...

Black Child, Caddillac Tah, Chink Santan

  • Irv Gotti Presents

    C`mon D roll, let`s go Yeah, sup motherfuckers? It`s your nigga Irv Gotti on the motherfuckin check in Me and my nigga sug came to bring ya the new niggaz, the next niggaz Eastwood, Crooked I, Ronnie Bumps, Dave Bing, Black Child, Caddilac Tah Santana ...

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