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Nelson Rick

  • I Need You

    If you should ever think of leaving me Don`t let it go too far The love of a lifetime Darling that`s what you are I know I could never Ever stop loving you No man is an island And I need you, honest I do Every single day my love f...


  • Chain Link Fence

    Well she`s sitting right there on the chain link fence She`s down at the park with the rest of her friends And she looks so pretty but she`s only sixteen Didn`t know that when she smiled at me Now the boys are hunched over th...

The Bad Seed

  • Uhhnnh

    (The Bad Seed) Uh Let`s go Here we go, uh Here we go y`all Here we go y`all Once again, yeah Who better nigga Let`s go Nope, I never got locked up Never got shot up But fuck around though Beat your whole damn block up Find your b...

Alice Deejay

  • Alice Deejay

    Im a dj, alice deejay Im a dj, alice deejay Im a dj, alice deejay Im a dj, alice deejay Im a dj, alice deejay Im a dj, alice deejay I close my eyes Im music Im rhythm Im a dj, I am alice deejay Im a dj, alice deejay ...

Killah Priest

  • A View From Masada

    [Killah Priest] Yeah, take it back, in the days You know, of reminising Just, just chillin Word Late at night, ah shoot its damn near morning Check it out From shootouts at block parties, from God Bodies That flooded the project lobbys, cold degrees S...

The Badlees

  • Beyond These Walls

    (Alexander, Naydock) "Charge admission and rope me off" She said, "I do believe I see income here" Eight hundred and seventy pounds From a thyroid condition, and one room bound, but Beyond these walls She sc...

moulin rouge

  • Come What May

    Never knew I could feel like this
    Like I`ve never seen the sky before
    I want to vanish inside your kiss
    Every day I love more and more
    Listen to my heart
    Can you hear it sings
    Telling me to give you everything...

moulin rouge ewan mcgregor alessandro sa

  • your song

    Title: Your Song Artist: Ewan McGregor + Alessandro Saffina Chords Used: F, Gm, Bflat – not finding the symbol anywhere &61516;, F, C/E, Dm, Dm7/C, G/B, BflatMaj7, A7, A7/C, Bflat/C, C7, G7/B, This piece is meant to be accompanied by a piano, but do...


  • long red

    FROM: Lukas Lechner, Woergl, Austria E-MAIL: DATE: 14 Jul 2001 ARTIST: Mountain SONG: Long Red ALBUM: ? This is also dedicated to Gitti H.

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