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simple minded peasants

  • kandyce

    this song is awesome and its by an awesome punk band so... intro ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- -5--------------------------------- -5-5------------------------------- -3-5------------------------------- ---3...

simpson martin

  • Lakes Of Pontchartrain

    The Lakes of Pontchartrain by Harvey Reid (as sung by Martin Simpson ) Through streams and bogs and under bush, I made my weary way, Though windfalls thick and devil`s floods, my aching feet did stray.

Da Blitz

  • I Believe

    Follow your heart babe Its so hard sometimes to start it, again But now its time for us to believe in what we have Follow your heart babe Its so easy now to start it again For all the times we felt so free And for the streng...


  • Alive And Well

    [Green, Buckland] Evil mischievers, purveyors of sin Metal messiahs damned to the end Vampiric prelates, cardinals of cain Bones in your closet, your pestilent kin We writhe as we rock as we spin as we roll By the light of the ...


  • 400 Metres

    Can`t you see the black strap? It holds me up, for the last lap. I know I said I had a good time. But now I`m sprawled across the finish line.

Joe Rockhead

  • Crazy

    You`ve been gone the whole damn day Where you`ve gone you would not say Tell me baby what am I to do I`m going crazy over you You`re out all night and you don`t come home You leave me here baby all alone Tell me baby what am I to...

Terry Allen

  • Billy the Boy

    Snow White Angel On the wings Of a snow white angel He played steel guitar And the drugs Broke his brain Off into angles But his fingers Played true to his heart Billy (I) Ah Billy You got diamond Sparkle blue eyes tonight Yeah ...

Da Brat Tyrese

  • What`cha You Like

    [Da Brat](Tyrese} Oh look out, oh huh come on What`cha like a whole lot of (Tyrese yeah) What`cha like a mediola? (What`cha like?) What`cha like? (Can you tell me baby?) All night long (All night long) I like `em brown...

Kelly R

  • fiesta

    Song Title: Fiesta Artist:R. Kelly, Jay-Z Tabbed By: Filipine Helu Main Riff: e:--8p7p5-------: B:-8------------: G:--------------: D:--------------: A:--------------: E:--------------: Other Parts: Am Riff: e:----5-----: B:----5-----: G:----5-----:...

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