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Raised Fist

  • Between The Demons

    I am the darkest demon. Taken from the second season. I reside at the bottom of a bottle and my inside is about to rot. I`m working to inflict some pain. Bloodstain! In front of me you stand trial. Come to me my child.


  • 20 минут до рассвета

    Только ты можешь так танцевать Так целовать, так улыбаться Только ты можешь так обнимать Милый, единственный мой Только ты знаешь всё обо мне Даже во сне вместе летаем Только ты можешь так в тишине Что-то шептать о весне Двадцать минут до рассвета Не...

Holy Sagga

  • Breaking Frontiers

    [Queiroz/Carlo] When I look at the fire And see the flame It`s burning all souls of mankind No thrills, no desires (but) My feelings today I know it`s getting stronger than before [Brigde:] Look all the fire Mind gets inspired Yo...

The Dove Shack fArnita Porter of YN-Vee?

  • Summertime In The LBC

    * also appears on the soundtrack for The Show * Intro: [C Knight] Yeah, This is C Knight fom the Dove Shack Gettin those here out kickin it at King`s Park wit all the homies Heh, and you know what I`m sayin So why don`t you uh check out my homie Bo t...


  • All About You

    You were so amused when I made myself available
    You had to ask if it was all intentional

    Well something`s going on, on and on
    Something`s going on, going on and on
    I`m finding out all about you

    The sun...


  • Farting Without Wind

    Artist: Eastdeath Album: Poo is Wee, Wee is Poo Year: 1984 Everybody`s looking for that trumping One fart that makes you feel complete You`ll find it in the strangest places Vindaloo, McDonalds and baked beans Some...

Lil Mo

  • Superwoman

    I guess I ain`t got no reason to mingle `round
    I found a superwoman
    That can leap from the truck in a single bound
    Mami I`m tryna bling you down
    So niggas without shades on
    Can`t stare when I bring ...


  • So Are You To Me

    As the music at the banquet As the wine before the meal As the firelight in the night So are you to me As the ruby in the setting As the fruit upon the tree As the wind blows over the plains So are you to me As the win...

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