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TRU f Charlie Wilson, Snoop Dogg

  • Da Crime Family

    [Master P] Check this out boo The only thing that matters is if you happy and I`m happy You know what I`m saying? We know this real ghetto love After the fronting and fighting, that`s where the love making begins real good baby But our friends aint ou...

Ten Shekel Shirt

  • House of Memories

    You`re my hero, little girl
    You always save the day with your smile
    You know I`m in love
    The one behind those pretty eyes
    And I will build for all times
    A house of memories just you and I
    There you`ll find roo...

Yungstar f Lil Flex, Lil James, Slikk Br

  • Grippin Grain

    (Chorus) Grippin grain grippin grain We grippin grain and poppin trunks upon ya (them yung g`s are so real) We roll thangs sweet reeling round ya corner (tell me whats the deal yeah yeah) We grippin grain and poppin trunks upon ya (can you feel me ) We...


  • Eye of the storm

    Sunshine, on a rainy day. Keeps the dark away, from me Moonlight, on a stormy night, Makes me feel alright, keeps me sane I’ve made up my mind it’s so clear to me. I’m walking away from society Packing my van, leaving all behind.


  • El Grito

    (VERSE I/Dr.Faustus) Forced to conform to the will of the oppressors This shiny gold you sought never really impressed us We the savage defend against civilized aggressors The children of the lesser Broken spirits mend to oppose foreign transgressors N...

Latino Velvet f Mad One, Mr. G

  • Just Because

    [Verse 1] (Mad One): Its a Limousine full of smoke - smoking big baby Going off the Hennessey and Coke - drinking big baby She don`t belong Rollin` on chrome International players on the microphone Asi es, y no para So calle de la muerca Y no mendida...


  • I wanna be the one

    In a dream I am always in heaven You and me `re in a perfect cuddle And you know all my secret callings Silence just tears me away No, I`m not gonna see you walking Is it so if I`d want to follow What I see just to cure me, maybe You will hear, hold i...

Artists: Swollen Memebers

  • Title: Endangered Species

    The original west coast rhyme riders The original west coast rhyme riders The original west coast rhyme riders The original west coast rhyme riders It`s really just elementary ugh! The turn of the century Focal point, with forced entry Force not to be...


  • Seul Face а Lui

    [Intro: Freeman, (RZA)] Yeah, Yeah! Dans l`monde Comme aux premiиres rencontres On finira seul au poste de lui qui a pour/contre (The maker, the owner The creator of the planet Earth And the father of civilization The god of the Universe) Dans l`monde ...

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