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DTTX f Royal T

  • Roll Up

    [DTTX] When I roll up Straight sittin` on dubs 20 inches baby gotta show me love Candy paint rag-top and you know it got the green In and outta lanes straight swerving man It`s the B-O-to the double B-Y Charter to the game when I`m passing by I stay ic...

MC Lyte f Missy `Misdemeanor` Elliott, P

  • Cold Rock a Party (Bad Boy Remix) CD-5

    [Puff Daddy] I thought I told you.. that we won`t stop I rock the party.. that rocks your body I rock the party, that rocks your body Let`s go! [Lyte] Yeah [Puff] Uh-huh, yeah Uh-huh, yeah Uh-huh, yeah The remix, heheh! Chorus: [MC Lyte] (Puff Dad...

Nina Sky Pitbull

  • Turnin` me on

    Have you ever seen someone that you thought was so sexy and even though you had a man He was still turnin you on Move the feelin right and I see you standin there Not an ordinary night Feeling lust is in the air (hey) Way your body looks its ...

Skull Dugrey f Dwayne Michaels

  • Hoodlum

    [Skull] Yeah, Yeah, Niggaz look at here this is straight hoodlum man out that T.S.O Camp , and that No Limit Family ya heard me Ha, I`m lettin you niggaz know I`m representing hoodlum like dat gulf coast mobb`n on the attack nigga straight were the hur...

Tim McGraw

  • 40 Days And 40 Nights

    Well its been rainin` on and on

    Ever since you`ve been gone

    Those dark clouds keep rollin` in

    And every time I think I might catch myself a glimpse of sunlight

    The bottom falls out again

Big Syke

  • At Your Convenience

    *phone rings* [Syke]: What`s up baby?, what you doing? [Woman]: I`m just in the kitchen cooking you dinner [Syke]: Hey?, you know what?, I ain`t even gon` be able to make it I got to take care ah some business [Woman]: What, what the fuck is your pr...

Christion f Jay-Z

  • Streets is Watching soundtrack

    [Jay-Z] Christion.. listen Uhh, Jigga How easy is that? Lame mad cause the game that I, spat at his chick So I had to double back quick, and clap at his click Soon as the smoke cleared, I got back in his *bitch* Tell that man son, I ain`t your ave-rag...

Neneh Cherry

  • 7 seconds

    Boul ma sene, boul ma guiss madi re nga fokni mane
    Khamouma li neka thi sama souf ak thi guinaw
    Beugouma kouma khol oaldine yaw li neka si yaw
    mo ne si man, li ne si mane moye dilene diapale
    Roughneck and rudeness,

Silk f Foxy Brown, Time

  • Hooked On You (Trackmaster Remix)

    Intro: Trackmasters (Foxy Brown) Forever (What the deal?) Everything is lovely (Fox Brown baby) Trackmasters remix (Uh what) To the, to the, to the To the, to the, to the beat ya`ll Verse 1: Foxy Brown (Silk) *Trackmasters* Ooh poppa let me sex you F...

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