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Pimp Daddy

  • Pimp Out `93` (Lil Bit)

    [Pimp Daddy] One girl, that`s talkin` shit Two just come and ride my dick Three girl`s and you will see Four and how good this dick can be Now five, I`ma have to do you right Six just ride my dick all night I say ohh, girl I love you so Sike I don`t gi...

Jay-Z f Blackstreet

  • In My Lifetime, Vol. 1

    [Jay-Z] Uh-uhh-uh, ge-ge-geyeah Chorus: Blackstreet You belong to the city (Uh-uhh-uh, what what) You belong to the night (Uh-uhh-uh, ge-ge-geyeah) In the river of darkness He`s a man of the night Verse One: Jay-Z Uhh, yeah What the deal playboy, j...

Outlawz f Bad Azz, Low Lives, Spice 1

  • Smash

    [Young Noble] (talking) We got Bad Azz in this mother fucker (Outlawz!) Spiggity Spice 1 in this mother fucker (Oaktown) The Low-LIfes in this mother fucker (Still thuggin) You know The Outlawz in this bitch (hahah..


  • What`s Up Fatlip?

    [Fatlip] Feelin` downtrodden Fresh kid turned rotten I can`t believe I`m like E then I`m cotton Over the years seems like I`m gettin` dumber Reminiscing to a time when I was younger with a hunger Full a dreams, determination, self-esteem But now it se...

Ol Dirty Bastard w Killah Priest, RZA, M

  • Return to the 36 Chambers

    Now number two, practiced the snake style He was known as the snake spirit He had the speed of a snake Intro/Verse One: Killah Priest Niggaz is like serpents out there [snake style, no one could compete] Serpents will bite Lay outside, and then the...

OutKast feat. Patrick Brown

  • SpottieOttieDopaliscious

    [Hook] Damn damn damn James [Pat Brown] Dickie shorts & Lincoln`s clean leanin` checking out the scene Gangsta boys Bigga`s lit ridin` out talkin` shit Nigga where you wanna go? You know the club don`t close `til four let`s party `til we can`t no ...

Freeway f Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z

  • Philadelphia Freeway

    * send corrections to the typist [Freeway] Man if I get rocked, this shit for my kids nigga It`s that real shit...

OutKast f J-Sweet, Killer Mike

  • Snappin` and Trappin`

    (Killer Mike) Our shit don`t mix like llao and lukewarm water Better make it hotter splash ice and watch it rock up I oughta duct tape your infant daughter Show y`all soldier ass niggaz I`m murder city`s Sargeant Slaughter Guaranteed to get more cut th...

Fiend f Soulja Slim, Kane and Abel and M

  • What Cha Mean

    [Fiend] What up out there kenfo This be Fiend coming at like this here here I brought a couple of my people with me Fiend, Mac, Soulja Slim, Kane and Abel A couple of No Limit soldiers to help me out with this here Chorus What cha mean, mean, heard ab...

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