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Sonya C f Master P, King George

  • Married to the Mob

    [Sonya C] Somebody like playing, others have no game in the S the O the N the Y the A the C is the name in go to any gangster big queen out the dope street its 93 and motherfuckers know im made cause niggaz be like stalkin` girls be like talking your s...

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Наталья Платицына

  • Зажгите свечи

    Накренились дерева Гнет их буря до земли И гудят, гудят слова В жарких сумерках Как поникшая трава Бездыханная трава Мы пытаемся подняться В жарких сумерках Эй, зажгите свечи Встаньте под образа В этот священный вечер Откроются глаза Эй, зажгите све...

Hate Eternal

  • Beyond Redemption

    Awken from below I call thee Thy master pure in darkness The one of hate before thy paths Were chose to be forsaken From depths of time in portals Through empty eyes of light I searched the texts for knowledge Now I bleed the sacr...


  • (Don`t) Give hate a chance

    Why can`t we be (together)? Could you love me, don`t hate me I don`t see (why can`t we live together) Maybe we could get it on (maybe we could get it on) Should be our destiny There`s a cold streak living (inside us) There`s no rainbows...


  • A Farewell to Kings

    When they turn the pages of history When these days have passed long ago Will they read of us with sadness For the seeds that we let grow We turned our gaze From the castles in the distance Eyes cast down On the path of least resi...

Fontella Bass

  • Rescue Me

    Rescue me Take me in your arms Recue meI want your tender charm `Cause I`m lonely And I`m blueI need you And your love too Come on and rescue me Come on baby, and rescue me Come on baby, and rescue me `Cause I need you by my side...

Sunz of Man f Makeba Mooncycle

  • Doin` Ya Thang

    [Intro : Hell Razah] Yeah, Joe Uzi, Makeba Mooncycle [Prodigal Sunn (Hell Razah)] You might catch me outta Cali` swervin` (Doin` my thang) Lames out to ruin the game (I`m doin` my thang) See me in the hood, Blackwood twistin` a Range and every nigga f...

Sauce Money f Lil` Kim

  • Middle Finger U

    [Intro: Sauce Money] Man They just don`t understand How hard it is for a young black male Still wanna beef We don`t wanna compromise All we wanna do is take take take Ya better get some [Verse 1: Sauce Money] I`m in the streets with my thug love You ...

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