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Fray, The

  • Dead Wrong

    If only I knew what I know
    I`d make it a point to say so
    To everyone that got me here
    And everyone that made it

    Clear I was dead wrong all along
    You said it for my sake
    That I would not lose my wa...

Warren G f Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit

  • The Game Don`t Wait (Remix)

    [G Child] (Xzibit) That`s some good dope Ain`t nuttin` like some good dope Yeah, umm hmm That`s some good shit, man Woooo, Spaceketeers Hey, This is the G-Child We back big baby Ooo, ahh (Ahahh, ahahh) I think I need a fix I think I need a fix, man, uh...

Fame Musical

  • L.A.

    Out in L.A. and broke on the ticket that this fella sent me
    One change of clothes in the suitcase that my girlfriend lent me
    I stayed for a while at his place, running with this crowd of his
    Partying day after day, and meeting ...

World Class Wreckin Cru

  • First Round Knockout

    Records...Mixer...Turntables...Speakers (2X) How...She (4X) Howwww is she (4X) How...She (4X) Howwww is he (4X) [Arabian Prince] Seven dayz a week, he`s on call To get the party people up off the wall You`ll fell motivated as he operates Cuz` party e...

Squad Five-O

  • A Star Is Born

    It`s what you want, it`s what you need.Man they got the things for you.They`ll break you big just like a chemical reaction.Then they`ll tell you what to say and do.You want this, and you need that.But nobody really knows why.They ...

Theatre Of Ice

  • Christina

    Christina, where are you now I long to be with you, please tel me how How I can reach the stars in the sky To be by your side It seems like a million nights Since we walked midst the starlight Heaven seemed so very har away Unlike...


  • Blood on your lips

    Save your breath brave warrior
    Because your lady you`ll never see
    She`s gone , all alone
    She belongs to eternity
    In the land of dreams she rests
    With the angels around her
    The body`s lying here
    While the...

Kurtis Blow

  • AJ Scratch

    (intro) one,two,three,four...here (verse one) Up in the Bronx,where the people are fresh There was one Dj who had to pass the test And now he`s down by law and he`s ready to play That`s right,y`all,his name is AJ Never gets nervous when he cuts t...

Warren G f Kurupt, Nate Dogg, RBX

  • Gangsta Love

    Call me Dub-A-Double-R-E N be the end last letter be the G G be for Griffin, smiffin, like Wesson Niggaz, that be `fessin I`m crushin your whole chest and In combat if they fat I`ll skinny em Six times the terror pass the Era to Millineum G-Funk, bump...

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