Screaming With Sirens — текст песни (Squad Five-O)

He`s a roller coaster
She`s a bulldozer, oh yeah
That`s too bad,
That she`s a nasty bruiser
And he`s a perfect loser
His father was all yellow
Her daddy was a boozer
They`re in for nasty weather again
So bad, too bad

Every fathers mother, look for one another
And every sisters brother, look for one another
They all trying to find a lover
So why we hurt each other again and again

He`s a drug user
And she`s a heart abuser, uh huh
She`s stuck down in a moment
Living for the violence
He didn`t feel her cut him
She`s screaming with the sirens
They ain`t got no feelings no more
So bad, too bad

That`s no the way I want to spend my life
There`s hope and we don`t have to spend our lives that way

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