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Natasha Bedingfield

  • I bruise easily

    My skin is like a map of where my heart has been And i cant hide the marks its not a negative thing So i let my guard down drop my defences down by my clothes i`m learning to fall with no safety net to cushion the blow I bruise easily so be gentle whe...

Shaggy f Brian and Tony Gold, Sean Paul,

  • Hey Sexy Lady (Dancehall Refix)

    [Intro] Sean Paul: Dedicated to all sexy ladies Shaggy: Aiiyo!!! Sean Paul: Yeah mon!!! Shaggy: Brian and Tony Gold, Shaggy!!! Tony Gold: Ring bam bam bam ding ding!!!! [Shaggy] + (Tony) Sean Paul (Oh oh!) Big Will (Oh oh!) It`s the remix [Sean Paul]...

Califa Thugs f O.G. Spanish Fly

  • Califa Thugs

    * send corrections to the typist [Mr. Sancho] Come with us and let`s toast Chillin in the west coast Finest City with the best hoes, San Diego Feelin the urge to choken, token, poten But provokin hallucination [nation] I lovin the face you`re facin Ch...

Casual f Del

  • A Little Something

    [Del] Yeah, huh I will display my dynamics get out the way damnit I plan it just to leave MC`s abandoned brandin X`s when I flex this I wreck shit and leave rappers searching for the exit lets get physical I got precision skill until I fill ya spot wh...

Александр Климушин

  • А надо взять

    Александр Климушин

    А надо взять - забыть про все

    Представить, что мы рядом

    Что осень нас опять несет

    По охре листопада

    Там самолетиками вниз

    Летят с ...

Chubb Rock f Red Hot Lover Lover Tone, R

  • I Gotta Get Mine Yo!

    Verse One: Red Hot Lover Lover Tone Diggedy da-di-la-di-da-di, baby there`s a party But you can`t have a party without a large Bacardu You got to keep the hottie moving like a Maserati A hundred million women wanna Tone up their body And I can never p...

Dilated Peoples f A.G., Defari, Xzibit

  • Rework the Angles

    * also featured on Sway and King Tech`s This or That [A.G.] Check it out now I work the angles like, off the cushion in the sidepocket Electrifying like a live socket Hit em with all flavors, yup We tryin to be neighbords with pro-ballplayers, I`m tal...


  • Fear The Sea

    Water travels by itself Inspires us to fear the sea When it affects our state of mind We drown in our make believe Those little drops that cover two thirds Eventually there will be nothing left But water, this water It ...

Strings f Hot Boys

  •   Hey Ya

    [Juvenile] Can`t you tell we about to take over the indusrty And lock this motherfucka up like penitentiary If u don`t know nobody else you don`t know C.M.B. Me, Mannie Fresh, Lil` Wayne and Turk, Baby and B.G.

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