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Tracey Lee

  • Clue (Who Shot Lr)

    Talk: I don`t believe this shit here man
    Y`all niggas is fucked up word up
    It`s aight though Imma get to the bottom of this shit
    Check it

    L.: Yo what the fuck is
    I go uptown to collect these checks


  • Na Niby

    Chociaz raz zapomnij o tym, co cie boli
    Wlej do siebie 4 litry zimnej coli
    Ochlodz swoje wnetrze
    Wyrzuc z niego to, co zle

    Zostaw tylko siebie
    Siebie, jakiego chcesz!
    Stworzymy sobie swiat, o jaki...

B.G. (Baby Gangsta)

  • It`s All On U Vol. 2

    (Intro) This ain`t even much the half of it ya heard me? (no indeed no indeed) Part of it.. that guerilla warfare gon be the whole of it (yes indeed yes indeed) Check it out..

maclean dougie

  • are ye sleepin maggie

    Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 15:54:08 -0800 From: ankris Subject: TAB: Are Ye Sleepin Maggie? by Dougie MacLean Are Ye Sleepin Maggie? trad. arr.


  • accidentally kelly street

    Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 13:21:02 -0800 From: Andrew Kelts Subject: TAB: Accidentally Kelley Street by Frente /-------------------------- | Accidentally Kelley Street | by Frente --------------------------/ Tabbed by Andy Kelt...

Calico System

  • Blood Of A Diary

    Day starts to bleed from my pen everything Leaves not a voice not a choice, anything Light never felt your sick skin rest of on me Fails to include hardships felt constantly Just maybe in heaven you`ll hear me If I could rip my t...

Beanie Sigel f Cam`Ron

  • Wanted (On the Run)

    {*Running* *Breathing*} [Beanie Sigel] Wanted, 100 miles and runnin` Through the rain and the sunnin, when them feed folks comin Keep your head up youngin`, gotta keep ya heads up youngin` The streets`ll give your head up youngin` Listen, flip your co...

Luka Bloom

  • You

    simple living room scene photographs of you the floor is a mess with my things my jeans, my shoes a voice called in the dead of the night i heard it before, it never warns we love to smell roses there are no roses without thorns ...

maclean tara

  • evidence

    Capo on 2 This song is simple... i`ll put down the chords, but this song is picked.. if enough people want the actual picked tab.. i`ll submit it but u can pretty much figure it out by listening to the cd..

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