Burning Girl — текст песни (Frente)

I whisper louder than screams, you don`t appear in my dreams,
I read your skin like a code, first time for nothing you know,
You`re going to live till we die, you`re going to like what you get,
I found you asking for more of something you haven`t got yet,
You know what it is, don`t know what it is.
The burning girl, flirts like fates with wishes,
You, me, the kiss, seriousness
Like never listens to like, so don`t ever ask,
Natural, criminal animal thought, killing our time to the point,
I`ll keep my thought in that place this is the terrible word
You of course don`t know what it is, and I`m burning,
Clever crawled in on his knees, there`s so many ways to say please,
You know what? it is...boy I`m burning. I`m the burning girl.

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