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D-Shot f Spice-1, Too $hort

  • Six Figures

    [Too $hort talking] (D-Shot) (D-shot) Yeah that`s right. Too Sheezie in the house. (Let`s get that money man.) Uh I`m all about my money man. I be tryin to tell these breezies all the time.

The Realest f Top Dogg, Doobie

  • They Wanna Be Like Us

    Intro: Let me go ahead and do this shit man Now, this shit is often imitated, but never duplicated Now, you know Death Row was the first one, to spent real money on video`s The first Niggas to be hoppin` in 6-4`s in video`s The first Niggas to really h...

Cool Breeze f Sleepy Brown

  • East Point`s Greatest Hit

    [Sleepy Brown] Just got paid and I`m feeling right Bout X`d out on a Friday night My girl paging me but she`ll gone be allright Cause I`m falling through later on tonight Now looka here, before we go We gotta stop by seafood galore Two piece whiting ...

DJ Honda f KRS-One, Doe-V

  • HII

    Intro: All you sucker MCs just sit back and hear the new lyrical styles comin` straight out of America New York to be exact. Like to shout out DJ Honda this is KRS One with Doe-V.

Manic Street Preachers

  • 4st 7lb

    Days since I last pissed Cheeks sunken and despaired So gorgeous sunk to six stone Lose my only remaining home See my third rib appear A week later all my flesh disappear Stretching taut, cling-film on bone Im getting bette...

Nas f Lake

  • God`s Son

    [Lake] uh uh huh, lets go, yeah! [Nas] Uh, ghetto children singing singing [Nas] See they eager to learn uh hum [Nas] how to become the next world leaders Bravehearts! Chorus:[Nas] Revolutionary warfare is all fair loving war for the cause I gotta tak...

Theodore Unit

  • Be My Girl

    [Intro: sample (Solomon Childs)] I need you... in a desperate way All the girl, I`ve met, were so full of play (uh) Your brown eyes, converted me (son, son, you see her right there) And let me know (aww she`s right) That you`re the right girl for me (I...

Backdraft Effect

  • *Unititled*

    The anger inside Seen through these eyes Depression and hate get the best of me Locked in these chains I can never be free I`m not as good as you I know somethin` too I can barely stand everday Its hard to hold pieces together anyyway I dont wa...

Chamillionaire f Rasaq

  • Drag `Em in the River

    [Pimp C Insert] I`m the trillest of the trill..You the fakest of the fake [Chamillionaire - Talking] (Pimp-C) Chamillitary man..(I`m the trillest of the trill..You the fakest of the fake) Know what I`m talkin` bout..It`s Color Changin` Click clack and...

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